iPod on 360?

I used to use my ipod all the time on my 360 when I first got the 360. I stopped using it and tonight I plugged it in simply because I wanted to hear some new music.

HOWEVER! It gets mounted but when clicking Media then Music Player - I gets nothing. I finally started poking around some and clicked under, ‘audio books’ then I found all my goodies.

Did something get broken along the way? As in some 360 update changed the way it interacts with the iPod?

BTW - 1st Gen iPod nano.


Same thing happened to me.

Probably some update~

when i connected mine it did not find all my music, only about half of it was playable on the 360 :confused:

Redownload the “optional iPod support” package?

I think the 360 recognizes MP3 just fine - pretty sure you need to downloaded the optional support package (marketplace, games, all games, scroll down to O - don’t ask me why they put it there…) for it to read AAC and what not.

So I’m not the only one? Ok - glad to hear.

Derek Daniels