Ipod safe for car Stereos?

I was going to buy a hook up to my Ipod to the Stereo using the Aux. Though ive heard people say it can fry your stereo. Anyone know a safe way to hook up the ipod?

Auxiliary inputs are generally safe. I’ve never heard of anyone frying their stereo by using it. After all thats what theyre used for. If youre really concerned, try using those FM transmitters.

I’ve never heard of that. Just keep the volume on the ipod at a reasonable level.

They’re pretty ass. I used one for a couple days and wound up returning it.

Just stick with the Aux. The FM transmitters aren’t good. I’ve been using my iPod with an aux cable for 3 years. It’s doing fine.

Yeah, i hate them too. I finally got sick of them a couple years ago and bought a Clarion stereo with usb input. You can charge and play tunes from your Ipod and flash drives, so its pretty awesome.

Yes though I dont think the Aux was made for a Ipod, could be wrong dont know.

There is no such thing as an “Ipod compatible” 3.5mm jack. Auxiliary inputs were made to recieve anything that has a 3.5mm pin. So your car stereo should be able to play all mp3 players, Ipod included. The only scenario i could think of that could fry your car stereo would be by turning the Ipod volume way up.

Consider investing in a line out dock for your iPod. LODs put out a line level signal and cannot be adjusted, therefore you don’t have to worry about messing with the volume on the iPod itself.

Also, having the iPod on max volume shouldn’t fry anything. No idea where you heard that from.

I heard it was playing the Ipod itself wasnt good for a car stereo, nothing to do with the sound. Thanks for the help though

Aux FTW.

Yes, aux works just fine. Like del1rium said, if you keep the volume at a reasonable level you shouldn’t have any issues.