Ipod Theme Av Please?!

Hey i saw one of those ipod theme avatars and i want one, can someone do it with an animated shadowed magneto and his white ipod. Thanks much appreciated. O and the color scheme i would like it to be pink.


Pm OrangeCat he’s the one doing them. And heres a good site to pick a sprite from http://www.gifsyndicate.com/

toan, go here:


u can thank me later

Be like me and make your own. =]

And OC cockslaps you.
“That… That’s not cool!” [/Carlito]

That and he’ll make yours with animation.

Eh, not the first time I’ve been … uh… so anyways!

Well, I don’t really like bothering people for avatar requests, so I decided to make my own.
I guess I should of asked him for permission before I made this. =/
OC, if this really offends you, say the word and it’s off.

i can find sprites for every game just about except marvel vs capcom 2

and the sprites i can find arent animated gifs already :<<

I don’t mind at all. I’d like to see how people take a new spin or a similar spin on things.


This is the best i___ I saw (it was my wallpaper for a long time)
because I’m a fan ^^;

h3y umm if anyone could make one of these spiffy ipod avatars
could one be made with this sprite?
not sure where the ipod would be at hmm…

dunno light blue saying ieat or something :pleased:

i was wondering if you can do one with akuma doing his air fireball super with an iPod in hand? Animated of course…if possible :clap:

hey oc did you get my pm? If it’s ok then can i request one here? If it’s possible I would like one with Sent j.hk sprite with his ipod dangling out…I Stomp? :slight_smile: yeah purple would be nice …thx alot