Ipod Video help! everything disappeared

so i had my ipod in my car for a while… i brought it inside just now and hooked it up to pc to charge. in itunes, i notice that everything ON my ipod is not visible, yet the 6 gigs is still being used (thats the size of stuff i was using) so i check it out in “My computer” and sure enough, 6 gigs is still being used, and everything is in the hidden ipod folders, under weird, 4 digit names… but all my media IS there. but my actual ipod interface still shows blank, in itunes and the ipod itself. ive reset it 2wice, but nothing. why is it not showing up, although it is physically on the drive?

any help? aside from the tired out “throw away yur ipod… get a dif. mp3 player… blah blah”


ya, i wouldnt be AS nervous about it if i had everything on my pc that i have on my ipod, but i used different peoples computers to get all my stuff and i dont think i even have half of whats on my pod, on my pc. so i cant just sync the 2 and get all my stuff back…

any help???:sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

reset your ipod and if that doenst help go into iTunes with your ipod hooked up and do a reformat. takes time and you will lose everything but it will work like new. as far as the music that is on your ipod good luck i do know a way but…

use this method at your own risk

make sure ipod is plugged in
doubleclick on my computer
select tools
folder options
show hidden files

this should allow you to see music on your ipod, i have done this before but i give no guarantee as to the safety of your ipod that should do it.