iPod Video or ZOON?

Which should i get and why? I want to get it so that i can have somthing to watch during school all the time (3s matches)

Just figured out that riva can go to mp4 and wmv from FLV so i can get the vids to work on any of the players.

LOL. It’s Zune.

I like the Zune’s interface and functionality over the video IPod. Personally I would go with the Zune for video.

i was debating this as well. The zune has a bigger screen size but at the end of the day, i still bought the ipod. 80 Gigs is what put me over. Don’t believe the sharing hype on the zune!

Never messed with a Zune but Zen Vision M > iPod

quoted for truth.

forget the zune and the ipod video.

the zen (at least) has a user-replaceable battery.

qft as well

the zen supports way more video formats out of the box than ipod or zune (won’t have to convert nearly as many videos to get it on there), the software you use is actually good (no itunes or zune marketplace crap you have to go through, get your music anywhere and you’re good to go), and they offer 30 and 60 gig versions (60 gig is a little thicker though).

only things the zune and ipod have over creative are the accessories available. i’ve found it fairly hard to find a case for my vision m (especially since i have the larger 60 gig, most out there are for the 30 and won’t fit the 60). but if you’re looking for functionality over all that stuff, zen vision m ftw

over anything… i say google HAXX about the zune… it takes AVI files directly… just gotta rename them…

remember its microsoft and its hackable… i have one and if it wasnt hackable and i couldnt do so much shit to it i wouldnt have gotten it.

bigger screen FTMFW

i own a zune myself
and its great
especially with the new firmware update

who else owns a zune?

What do you guys think of the Sansa?

Cause I just wanted something small around 4GB, and was thinking about that or Nano.

If you care about vids most, you should get an archos…Takes any media file and the screen is motherfucking big son!

nano dont play videos
but its 10000x sexier than the sansa

sansa plays vids, but i here its quality is not great

for my zune i rip my dvds and converts em directly to WMV
and the quality is great

Really, it doesn’t matter in this day and age. It’s not like 5 or 6 years ago when portable MP3 players really DID suck. My first MP3 player sync’d over the parallel port for god’s sake.

The only thing I don’t like about the Zune is that the most common color available is brown, and that the sharing tech was named “Squirting.” Ew.

Brown has generally outsold white - you either love it or hate it. A lot of people like it, which is random to people like you and I. (Right now, I believe it’s black >>> brown > white in terms of sales - amazon.com has viewable general statistics.)

That name lasted internally about two days and definitely isn’t official. :lol:

Any “alternative” player will give you a lot more bang for your buck than an iPod or a Zune. They’re just about the worst on the market for the price, because of the utter lack of supported video formats, store interaction, and bullshit like that. Avoid them.

I got the Zune a couple of days ago and I returned it like 3 days later. I would be a great player if it didn’t had that sync system. other than that the screen is good, head phones is nice and controls is great.

they just released an update fixing alot of things

I like ipod better for car audio.

could the mod change the name to zune?

lol I had one of those…“Rio” or something like that. I seriously think it only held like 256MB of music