iPod Video or ZOON?

I live in a town with an Apple store.

If it breaks, the customer service is best, period. Mostly because they see me coming pissed off with a bat.

Can someone give me some more info on this?

which zen do you mean?

heres most of em

but i highly recomend this and the zune

ZUNE all day!!!


I’ve had a Zune since Christmas time and must say that I love it. Great interface, killer Radio Tuner, and it’s rad to be able to change the background and shit.

My girl has a iPod that I’ve also used extensivly and outside of the little scroll wheel thingy on the iPod. I feel the Zune is way better for many reasons.

:tup: :tup:

Quick question: I got a 360, is there any cool Zune - 360 interaction I should know about?

Yeah, but the warranty sucks.

you can play the videos and songs directly

as far as other neat things like downloading and other stuff
well not yet…

but im sure theyll release plenty of goodies

and BTW they just announced 2 new colors

pink and watermelon red
http://www.zunescene.com/ :tup:

To me, owning an iPod is a lot like smoking. I’ve been using the scroll wheel system since the Mini back in 2004, and though I’ve come to realize that the iPod brand really isn’t the best choice for the money, I CAN NOT break myself from it. I tried the Zune and just couldn’t train my brain to that interface.

However, if you haven’t been using an iPod for three years, it should be pretty easy to go with something else. But if we’re talking screens for portable players, how come the PSP hasn’t come up yet? I’ve had mine since launch day and seriously only bought 4 games, because it’s so useful for movies. PSPVideo9=the shit.

The only thing that I dont like about the PSP is the volume. I’m used to cranking my music close to ear-deafening levels, but other than that little gripe, its still the best music player IMO.