iPW Interview featuring SAQS!



Yo! Wanted to give you guys a heads up that we interviewed one of the best Rose players in the country, PhatSaqs! It’s a real good read for sure so check it out!


Oh man, this is awesome. I’ve always wanted to see/read an interview with Saqs.


Great stuff… I love this kind of interview.


Yeah this was a good one. I didnt conduct it, and truthfully a lot of text interviews bore me but this was good. :smiley:


I already posted it here http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?p=8015345#post8015345

Thanks haunts. good shit at iplaywinner. keep it up :woot:


omg, thats the 2nd time this week you guys beat me… you’re all too fast… maybe I should wake up before 1pm next time… lol


Good stuff. Turned out pretty well :).


Good shit saqs. I did enjoy the video of…who…magus? That cat…mmm…

That’s something I’m sure we all have seen. I’ll get a shout on PSN saying “Hey lets match a few times, I saw your videos”.

So I play him and completely destroy him the first few rounds. Then as time goes on they start to get used to the match up and it evens out a bit or even turns out of my favor (Partially because I’m not a good player and they realize the habits I have).

But in Tourney play, you got what…3 matches tops?

But the part that rubbed me the wrong way is that he actually made a video, not on how He wasn’t use to the character so he lost from his own lack of knowledge…he made a video saying

“Oh how was I suppose to know how to play rose or gen? I never played them before”.

Thats your fault dude…You lacked 2 of the 5 parts of being nasty at SF4 (IMO), and thats knowledge and art of war.

Just something I wanted to get off my chest.

NOW. On to the real meat of the interview. I really liked what you were saying about Rose. Cats sleep on Rose, but I think shes…I dunno…just not there yet. Shes close to being a really cool choice, but just…eeeeeeh. You hit the nail on the head. You dont need all these changes to reflect or spark (although I’d like an answer to tiger shot wars since that’s something i SHOULD be good at), But reliable reversal and combo into ultra. We have a combo into ultra but its REALLY sketchy and not worth the risk/scaling.

But I like that you repped the scarf really well. Your not some cat thats just trying to jump in and jump out for a minute, you’re a seasoned player (more than i realized, respect), who actually said "yo fuck akuma, Rose is where it’s at).

Thats cool as hell.

Keep it up bro. When rose hits that top tier in SSF4, oh man…cats are gonna be bowing to you!


Hate: ttiger shots not being reflected by the damn scarf when it’s right on top of the damn thing. hate hate hate


magnus is from california where they actually have multiple arcades. you obviously dont understand that before sf4 fighting games were played at the arcade and not at home eating potato chips and twinkies.

i first started playing sf4 at university pinball :love: in Philly before the console release. i would be salty if i lost to a console character if i mainly played at the arcade nowadays because most of the console character are low mid tier.

however there is still no excuse. consoles are used at tournaments. at least in most of the US.


Dave I am no knocking what you are saying but most of these cats got the console version. They could have held sessions on that to get ready for the console characters at one of the biggest tourneys in America. Preparedness is the key.


No excuse IMO nowadays. Especially considering tournamnets are held on consoles. Online play makes it even more moot IMO. Back in the day when tournies were held on cabbies? Sure. I’d be salty if I lost to SFA3 console Fei Long or Dee Jay at ECC :lol:


i agree. like i said there’s still no excuse.

even diago has console but still had trouble going against justin’s fei long at sb4 :razzy:


Honestly, the thing that annoys me about Magus’s statements was…how the fuck are you gonna go to a tourney player and not actually have your knowledge up.

No seriously…console characters, its just honestly Fei Long, Cammy, Seth, Sakura, Rose and Gen. No one mains Dan seriously (And if you do, your probably still free to the pro’s).

Now lets look at this seriously. Sakura…whats hard about facing her? Face her a few times, get used to her resets and keep it moving. Shes basic. In that case you really only have to worry about 5 more characters.

Now before i get Sakura hate, answer this. What is there thats unknown about Sakura that you wouldn’t be able to gather from a match or two?

So when you look at it seriously, its just 5 more characters. I don’t wanna hear some crap about the arcades…thats his fault. Did you not realize that there will be some cats that are nasty with console characters? Has anyone not heard of Justin Wongs Fei Long, or Sanfords Cammy?

::teeth suck::

I’m all for saying Offline > Online. But I don’t know if I agree with Arcade > Console in these situations. When learning the game on raw character knowledge, I honestly think Console > Arcade.

And if all your friends neglect console characters, your all idiots.

With that being said, Saqs…bringing the hate on the scarf. I love it!


To be fair Kail Magus plays in arcades for the most part I think.

Soooooooooooo, yeah.

Anyway, that’s why I love me some online play. Never get caught with your pants down.

Also did you guys see that nod to Sagat? Shutting down Rose’s slide with stand short? Hmmm, how many Sagats do that? MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Nah el. That shits retarded. Your playing on a a professional level your expected to play on a pro level. That means knowing the match ups. That means you’re expected to have knowledge of your craft.

If you are a pro sf4 player how are you gonna neglect 7 characters? That’s almost a fourth of the roster!

A fourth?! Yea you got a lot more of matches you do know… But let’s say I get hit with a ch head stomp. Aren’t you shocked to lose a fourth? Your like “damn that’s a lot!”

I’m shocked he doesn’t know a fourth of the cast. Shut up and get the console.

Magus should stop hating and get money!


If no one plays the character how are you supposed to know about them. Many of the console characters are underplayed and there is still much to be found out about them. The problem is that only a select few players are really pushing the console characters to their max potential.

There are a lot of people that play Rose but very few go to tournaments to prove what they got. Get off the couch and help Magus learn about Rose


however you gotta do it! Play some cats online. Theres a rose player in a decent amount of space.

“Oh i dont play console”

Then Shut the hell up! Seriously. When you say you dont know the match up because you dont play console, thats your fault.

Because whatever the reason may be that you dont know the match up, however you gotta do it…your expected to know as much as you can when you walk through the tourney doors.

Thats like bitching about lag, when you see the 2 bars…and hit that confirm button to play them.


right here.:rofl:


I’m sorry, but SF4 is my first actual fighter game that I’ve actually gotten in to and good at(I’m too young <<;), and I am not familiar with the alpha series. What is her counter in Alpha? The one that Saqs said should have a DP motion with kick? I would like to see what Rose could potentially have in SSF4.