IRC Channel?

Does Shoryuken have an IRC to generally talk about SSF4 and stuff of that nature? on mIRC?


Have often thought irc would be good for this especially for people playing on pc rather than sending gfwl messages

I’m always on different IRC channels on different servers, and I wouldn’t mind joining another channel. If anyone makes one I’d gladly participate.

Maybe on a server with more people, like Quakenet (dedicated to videogames)…

DIT: nvm, channel has shitton of ppl.

The secret is finally out!
The channel’s been there for a while, just unadvertised for somewhat reason. Ultrad/valle/skisonic/marn/yeb/etc are all regulars there.

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You shouldn’t have said that, since it will lead to invasion, at least during tourneys those players participate to. :smiley:

Ohnoes. Its going to blow up.

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