IRC: MVC2 PSN matchmaking room



Room name: #mvc2psn

Heres a guide for new guys with IRC, just change room name to #mvc2psn:

This is an unofficial room being started so that people can join and find others on PSN with their same skill level. There is a huge gap between beginner, intermediate, and expert in MVC2 and we all want to have fun!

Noob or not, Join today!


is there a general IRC page?

I think that’d be more effective; just to have all of SRK in one channel.

if so, can this mibbit thing connect to it?


As far as I know, theres a #capcom for general fighting game discussion. Lots of SRKs stay in that room. Theres also a SF4psn room, but I’m not aware of any mvc2 general IRC rooms.