Irish SFIV Tournament 28/03/10 ( Vaticon)

Thanks to everyone for coming and a big thanks to everyone who brought equipment as the tournament would not have gone ahead without your support.

Thanks to the organisers of Retcon for offering us a place in the event, which I’m sure we’ll happily take up again next year if offered again.

1st Tin / Sagat
2nd Hound / Akuma / Sagat
3rd Azza / Bison
4th Dreddybajs / Zangief
5th AnimaX / Rufus, Gouken
5th Dark tallent / Balrog
7th Sisko
7th Chunkis / Ryu
9th Sairus
9th BourkeTheJerk
9th FoamyMushroom /
9th Brian / Cammy
13th ChopperByrne / eHonda
13th Sen
13th Andy
13th Kiki