Iron Body - Zangief General

There are a number of gameplay videos now. Not sure about how EX GH takes a hit from the fireball though at 1:45…



Love how much damage he does in this. Was thinking the overall damage was pretty low (Which I liked) but seeing his grabs taking off huge chunks of health made me smile.

I really like Zangief, I will probably pick him also up with Jack-6 if he hopefully gets revealed later on.

SPD does really do alot of damage, I like it.

I wondered about that too. It might be because I think it hits Gief pretty late, after the invincibility frames.
But as the gameplay looks pretty fast paced and Tekken characters are not known for their distance-fighting or fireball game, Grapplers *might *turn out pretty strong. On the other hand, the game seems to focus on combos, so I don’t know…

OK, so… RBG is his charge move. So he can charge up an RBG and release it whenever right? So he could cancel a normal into a charged RBG and release it when the normal’s hitstun/blockstun ends… right? Custom tick-throws?

i wonder if there will be some nasty running bear grap traps with switch cancelling :smiley:

it looked like he could somehow combo into one of his throws in a vid i saw of him. does this hold true and ill actually be to go for a poke and grab?

a little footage of pandora geif

hmmm,i don’t really think Zangief is going to be tough by understanding the mechanics so far,but who knows.

Any footage of his cross-art yet? That’s the only one we haven’t seen.

I’m guessing Zangief won’t have too much time for SPD in pandora mode. Saying that, he looks like he’s able to keep a combo going which is what I was worried about considering the style of SFxT.

EDIT: No one cross-posted the Hugo versus Zangief video?
Zangief looks awesome gameplay-wise but in terms of graphics, he’s dwarfed by Hugo!

I played this game today at SFxT and Diek Stiekem used a lot of Zangief against me. He was really good, his SPD’s did a lot of damage. Up to about 25% on above-average/average health characters, his EX version did even more. I’m not sure if this is universal, but his running bear grab has armor while you’re charging it, and the run before his super was actually quite fast. Zangief’s super in a Cross Art (Zangief doing the second part of the Cross Art) does so much damage it can easily wipe out more than 2/3rd of a character’s life.

Anyone catch any Zangief footage today?
I saw one actually do pretty well versus a Sagat/Cammy team. I finally saw a Zangief keep a combo going after being tagged in which was a worry of mine as well.
Jealous of Hugo’s clap killing projectiles though, as identified as melflomil. Perhaps GH is a little bit more generous? One can hope. :rolleyes:

i played a sagat cammy team today at comic con…sagat still seems like a problem for geif i couldnt get in and everytime i ate a rh i took a combo. it was very demoralizing. but other then sagat didnt have any real problems and think hes pretty good

Definitely gonna be rocking my boy Gief, gonna tag him up with Hugo or Kuma I reckon, I love my grapplers

I’ve been waiting for this thread to revive but there hasn’t really been any new Zangief media since October. There’s a very short clip of him with Rufus here, comboing into his Cross Art (starting at thirty seconds in).

I can’t wait to see what combos he’s capable of in this engine. :slight_smile:

^ Whatever combos he is capable of doing, I’d expect seizure inducing flashes and lots of colors to accompany them

i saw a video recently he has crazy block strings that goes on for days. paul and gief team best in the universe

Zangief and Sagat versus Toro and Kuro. It’s 2v2 by the way.
As funny as this match is, this game mode doesn’t look fun for Zangief as it’s going to be a spam fest. Who knows, maybe someone providing back-up will let him get in. :slight_smile:
Now we know how the SPD works on Kuro.

grapplers will probably fare well in scramble mode, since you can easily mash out your grab during your opponents offensive.