Iron Curtain: Online SSF4AE 2012 Tourney (PC)


Hey everyone, I’m hosting an online SSF4AE tournament, just for fun.

I’m mostly doing this to showcase players within the PC Street Fighter online community and get their names out there for promotion and overall awareness of the surprisingly active PC FGC.

Here’s some of the details.

Iron Curtain
April 26th - April 27th (Only if we need the extra time)
2:00 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
Double Elimination style
No characters are banned
No region locks
No sign up fee
Tournament will be streamed on

If I can get any donations, I might be able to get prizes, as currently, this is being hosted completely out of my expense.


You can sign up a few ways.

A) Via this thread, leaving your GFWL user so I can add you into the tourney

B) Adding me on my GFWL (Snydler) and leaving a message letting me know you are interested.

C) Heading to this website (It’s crappy, I know) and registering under the Tournament Sign Up tab

D) Registering through the Challonge page (Probably the easiest way)

Please only sign up if you are certain that you wish to participate.

Hope to hear from some people.

Take care :slight_smile: