Iron Fist Video Thread - Enter the Way of the Dragon with Fist of Fury


Mixup into 100% damage, no meter

You can also jump and air throw them after the hyper combo if they’re not looking forward to it.

Just insane.

Cool, but I don’t like having a char specific combo for that damage, the corner combo does slightly more and will work on everyone (I think so, haven’t tested on Raccoon yet, will do when I get home from work)

EDIT: It does work on Raccoon

This settles it I’m finding a way to main him. Good video guys. That crumble sub-in looks very tasty.

Justing Wong owns with Iron Fist…

In the vid a commentator asked, ‘Why does he do so much damage?’ I know he doesn’t know too much about the character at leas a the time, but we all know he he needs to be up close and do damage so getting in through zoners would be considered his biggest weakness as well as not many AA options.

Iron Fist’s punch in the comics is described as being hit by a train, that’s why. :sunglasses:

iron fist is too Beast! his combos got SWAG, he hits like a truck, and has kara setups. come on:nunchuck:

Justin do you plan on sticking with IF or do you plan on playing him until you find his limits as a character? And is that your team with him?


Team specific combo starting at 0 meter.

Wow, that’s some awesome damage. Damn…

You should power up after the knockdown rekka so your Spirit of the Dragon will be powered up and it will do even more damage.

Yeah that team is the same team I rep. That team is GDLK! So many DHC possibilities and they each complement each other.

[ 3:13 ] With all the input errors and losses I get on a regular, I managed to to that Justin wong combo he put up a few days ago. Even though I messed up the last input I did most of it.


Here’s some matches of me on the stream I play throughout the first part mostly starting at the beginning.

Your team is godlike man, good shit. Just a little tip if you let me:

Hit training mode and see how long is the time you can wait between rekkas and still link them, your missing some combos because you’re doing the motions too fast and the chi comes out instead, but you actually have enough time to let go of the stick before inputting the next motion (so it gets to the neutral position) and your input won’t fuck up. Othen than that, it’s pretty good, you missed some stuff but I take it you were kinda nervous because you definitely seemed to know what you were doing…

And you do something I must learn: Be patient and punish unsafe stuff, I try to get in too much and end up being punished myself for pressing buttons all the time.

Btw, how comes no one blocks the overhead? I hit it all the time as well lol

That setup by itself has so much potential imo …thanks!! so sick … and if they block you can either do overhead xx low rekka or just overhead… the risk is sort of high but then we can always just do light rekka and push the opponents guard… am i on the right path here ?

One thing that i noticed … i dunno if it was posted but if you powerup and switch out IF for … Doom for example , you still keep the properties of the powerup… so of course when adding dmg to you doom loop use the Red Chi and see what happens :slight_smile: i hope it wont scale

Once I started using that setup in matches more, people would hold back as they fell out and not get hit by the reset. I modified it a bit by doing m, h, f+h and then doing the reset. It moved me forward enough to do more damage, and actually works better. I even threw in a bit where I cross under, then call hawkeye assist and jump back over them for a cross up. They have to time the block between my cross up H, the arrows, whether or not I actually cross over or not (depends on the timing of calling the assist), and rekka mixups. It seems to work really well, I’ll try to update it with another video

Hey guys, been lurking around for a while now keeping up with IF developments, and I would like to share with everyone what I have been working on.


Let me know what you guys think. There will be a follow up video going in depth on damage efficiency and how to properly sequence your rekkas for the best damage. Thanks!