Iron Galaxy confirms Season 2 of KI will add 8 characters


Whether this means 16 total or 16 + Shadow Jago (for a total of 17) remains to be seen. Hopefully this is 8 new characters and Shadow Jago getting a moveset doesn’t count as one of the 8. I could see that happening though.

Otherwise, good to hear that Iron Galaxy is already working hard on the game and good to hear that spending 20 bucks will get me another 8 like last year plus new modes and features.


Wow, that makes sense but yeah it’s nice to see a confirmation. Can’t wait to see who makes the cut!
edit- Well, one of the dudes is gonna be a new character, but even despite that there aren’t too many vets left, are there? They could probably get all the old characters packed into one season if they wanted.


Yeah it’s “easy” to pack all of the old characters into season 2, but I’m thinking they’re figuring they’ll get their most sales out of the first 3 seasons. After that it will be determined whether or not they can still get people to pay 20 dollars or more a season for 8 characters and if they have enough solid character designs to keep that interesting. At some point I’m sure guest characters like Battletoads or Strider or who knows what else may fall into the picture. Probably won’t happen till season 3 or 4 though.

Personally, I kinda doubt they’re going to throw all of the old characters into Season 2. The big 3 people want the most are Cinder, TJ Combo and Riptor. Cinder and Riptor especially since people were already pissed about them not being in KI2 so like Thunder, people have been waiting 2 years longer than they were waiting for the other old characters. It’s like waiting 19 years for Balrog or Blanka. The KI2 cast while it has its set of fans, never gained as much popularity as the old KI1 characters. KI2 in general was never as popular as the first game and isn’t really as much of a cult classic but it still has its diehard fans. Microsoft and Iron Galaxy may see that as incentive to hold some of the KI2 cast off for a 3rd season and show off some of their new character creations.

It depends on what they feel is less risky I guess. Big KI fans could get really antsy about having to wait another year for all of the old cast to return, but that may hurt sales if they want to do a season 3 and 4 that entail 8 new characters each also. I personally don’t care either way since Fulgore was my favorite and now that he’s in, I’m sticking with him. Kim Wu was my favorite character in KI2 though so if she makes a return in season 2 I will definitely be picking her up at least on the side also.


Yeah I guess I never thought of it like that. I have a feeling in my heart that my baby girl Riptor will be one of the first confirmed for s2. And honestly the guys behind the game are capable of making interesting new characters that fit the universe of KI (Sadira) so I’d also be okay with a bunch of new faces.

Now that I think about, ‘spreading out’ the vets between a bunch of seasons makes sense in a business kinda way, but I’d feel very bad for the dudes waiting for that one character to make it and just comes a bit short of getting them. I mean for me, I don’t actually have the game yet (or a X1 for that matter, I’m sorry), so I can handle waiting a bit longer. Seeing that beautiful dinosaur make it in would make my day, though. Just like the day I get Anji in the new Guilty Gear.


Yeah Riptor is Ken Lobb’s favorite character and the game was basically created by him so I’m sure the dinosaur will be up there as first or second character for season 2. They said she’ll most likely play very closed to her KI1 edition just so she’s familiar for Ken Lobb to play. Which means she’ll probably retain the bicycle kick, the forward tail flip and the ground and air fireballs. We’ll see what Riptor ends up like.


Do 4 returning characters per season, 3 regular characters plus one boss. Then add 4 new characters.


Yeah, IGS will likely split the remaining veterans into both 2nd and 3rd seasons; so if IGS actually go that said route, then they will add 3 veteran characters, 4 newcomers, and revamping Shadow Jago as a unique character. But then on the other hand, anything can happen down the line (and we all been there before…).

Also, when’s TJ Combo? >n<


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What would make the most sense is to have Combo, Riptor, Cinder and Eyedol in Season 2 and then save Kim Wu, Maya, Tusk and Gargos for Season 3. Complete the KI 1 cast first before doing the KI 2 characters


I’m very hopeful but also a bit worried about season 2. I hope they will be able to maintain the creative, stylistic and gamplay standards that Double Helix has set. It’s scary. You don’t change painters mid-painting. It just seems to me that Killer Instinct lives in the hearts of the people that created it… I honestly don’t see Iron Galaxy being able to just pick up where DH left off. I’m reserving judgment, though. I love this game to death and I want the best for it.

Anyway, I’d like to see characters released in this order:

  1. Kim Wu
  2. Riptor
  3. New Character
  4. Tusk
  5. Maya
  6. New Character or Gargos
  7. T.J. Combo
  8. Cinder

Saving Combo and Cinder for last would keep the hype strong.


Bad news boys, just got in touch with Alex (Jebailey) and he’s mentioned that nothing said on the stream was official.


They said they’ll be doing their best to keep the design and gameplay direction as close as possible. The Microsoft team also helped with both of these parts so it’s not like Double Helix solely created what the game is now.

Doubt they’ll be throwing all of the KI2 characters in season 2, but we’ll see.

Sounds more like it’s waiting to be official to me. Guys in suits probably just don’t want to confirm. We know that Season 2 is confirmed and there’s already been rumors that Season 2 will bring 8 characters like before. It would make sense to keep a consistent 8 each season.


Yea, I know they’ll be doing their best. I’m also aware that Microsoft was part of the KI team. I’ve tried asking, during Microsoft’s streams, how many members of the Season 1 KI team would be staying for Season 2 but failed to get an answer.

What worries me is that the original team form a collective mind that grows as they continue developing characters. When you cut a chunk of that out, it tends to skew the direction that the game goes in. I bring this up because I’ve modded games in the past and created character with similar attributes to those of fighting game characters. When I worked with a partner on those projects and had to replace them… it just really didn’t feel like my new partner and I were on the same page. I can only imagine how much worse that is with the scale of a game like Killer Instinct.

One thing specifically that worries me is the combo trait mechanic that KI has. That’s a system that needs some real creativity to build upon. I noticed that earlier characters had more standard choices for their combo traits like Sabrewulf’s Rapid Doubles, or Glacius’s Ranged Auto-Doubles. Those designs are pretty obvious choices and basically mirror their character’s archetypes. However, there’s only so many fundamentals you can modify in KI’s core combo system, until you really have to go outside the box to come up with new and intuitive mechanics such as Spinal’s Spectral Manuals. I think they’ve exhausted all the basic options as far as Combo Traits go and they’re going to really have to work hard to come up with traits that are creative, consistent and intuitive.

Like I said, I’ll reserve judgment. I’m just worried. I absolutely adore this game and have been pining for it for the last 15 years. So far it’s everything I’ve wanted and more (sans Orchid’s primary costume but that’s another rant), and I desperately hope it maintains the great standards it has set so far.


Guys have said on stream that they don’t plan on bringing the bosses back.


I’ve been wanting to post earlier on this but… oh well…

I can see them holding off one of the big three (Cinder, Combo, Riptor) until season 3, just to make season 3 a garantueed sell.
It won’t be a popular decision but from a business perspective, it’s logical.

Since everyone has been given an updated look so far, I’m curious how they will handle Riptor.
Back then, he/she was ofc influenced on Jurassic Park’s Raptors (which where very off from their original Velociraptor counterpart and more like Deinonychus, since Velo’s where waaay smaller than humans)

Anyways, these days Deinonychus we’re believed to have feathers, so I wonder if Riptor will be reconned that way… (gameplay wise it could be intresting in terms jumpng movement)
But imo, it makes them look too fluffy… But so much for today’s off topic Dinosaur lessons lol


i signed in just to say twos thing- one… Diek, your quote in your sig is the greatest. i still watch that movie once a month. haha

two- Deviljin thanks man for keeping us in the loop with whats going on… i cant say how beyond frustrating it can get with this extreme lack on anything KI related ever since the switch. IG has nothing on their website - DH said to expect a new forum and whatnot , yet we have yet to see anything. and the XBOX and SRK KI forums seem to be hanging on by a thread. So in this deficiency of Ki info we we are in, thanks for sharing and bringing this ti our attention.


Cool, I think it’ll end up being this order

2.TJ Combo
3.Kim Wu
4.Brand New Character (male)
8.Brand New Character (female)


I really hope Kim, Maya and Tusk get some serious redesigns!


It was actually said that Tusk will get a celtic design.

As for Kim Wu and Maya, idk how Kim Wu will look like since I don’t really know what Korean female warrior outfits look like (at least not one that fits her).

But if they bring back Maya I hope she gets something like any of these


Wonder how theyre going to make Tusk and Maya fit the storyline.

Ken Lobb said no feathers on Riptor


That’s good news :tup: