Iron Galaxy is new KI dev. Jebailey confirmed for Season 2



Can’t wait for the new team to mess everything up!


That’s cool iron galaxy is part of it now. Is Double Helix still be involved with KI?


Some members of Double Helix may move to IG, but double helix will no longer be working on KI.

I guessed Iron Galaxy and glad I was right. For US devs they couldn’t have done better.


It will be interesting to see Iron Galaxy work on a game that isn’t a port. Best of luck to them


I already know, it’s the rest that will see.


Guest characters go! Jefailey (since Alex is IG’s community manager) who’s head gets bigger the longer his combo gets.


Alex being the new Filthie Rich is interesting. Not as good at fighting games as Rich IMO but he’s definitely solid enough where he should have solid input on game balance and not work to knee jerk patch the game to death. Look forward to seeing him really invest himself in the community and the game.


In any case, balancing should be more or less Keits’ job. If anything, Alex will be acting more as a hype man.


^the head nigga in charge of KI now. o.o’’


Keits works for DH? Word. Hes another lab monster type so that’ll be interesting. Long as these guys don’t nerf everyone into the ground they got the potential to go beyond DH


No, Keits works for IG. Ever since they picked up Divekick remember.


I try not to remember Dive Kick.