Iron Galaxy probably making CvS2


The Iron Galaxy website says they are working on an unannounced Capcom project.

Plus they recently did a panel at UFGT8 for feedback on a patch for 3sOE, probably looking to gain the favor of the FGC.

Why else would they patch 3sOE, if not to be trusted to make CvS2?


Don’t play with my emotions like this…if true, hopefully they take the 3SO feedback to heart…


Yay now Everyone will be able to come onto SRK and say how CVS2 OE is ass and how they don’t play it and how Iron Galaxy fucked up. Maybe they can also get a bunch of shitty remixes from Simon Viklund for this game too!!


As long as they leave the Training stage classic music megamix intact, they can alter the rest all they want.

Oh, and please just copy SSF4 endless battle setup


i had a weird dream last night that i was playing cvs2 with four buttons, graphics that looked like they were drawn by an autistic 4-year old, the portrait of sagat didn’t have his face…just a dull picture of a wall, and by the time i realized it was sagat, the character selection clock timed out and i was forced to play alex from tekken (the raptor) as my anchor. :confused:i was playing one of my old nemesis’s and dropping short,short,super combos with ken.:mad: i woke up pretty pissed off.


This isn’t a good thing


Uh… well, at least they have some experience now. Not looking forward to a port where trials and other BS are prioritized ahead of making the online work correctly.


oh god this can’t be good!!! bet you the first thing they do is get rid of RC.



I don’t see how this news is anything but speculation. Would be good tho.


BRING IT! :mad:


Id like those 8 people rooms where I own everyone in there with random characters…

I am good as long as I have THIS


why? i doubt youve even played the game to any great extent before.

if they left in shit like urien unblockables i’m not sure why they would take out RC?


Oh lord.

I really hope they don’t screw this one up, whether it turns out to be CvS2 or not.

In terms of what I would want from it, I’m torn between simply arcade perfect or buffing some of the less fortunate characters/grooves.


Iron Galaxy and Capcom don’t exactly have a good track record of good ports and rereleases for fighting games

It really puts a damper on hearing about a potential CvS2 rerelease, which I have played a fair bit by the way.


They wouldn’t take out unblockables even if they were to make changes… Urien would be garbage without aegis, and isn’t over powered…

Also, if they patch up 3so well enough i’d be willing to forgive them and give them another chance. Well as long as they don’t say arcade perfect… ( to be fair 3so although it wasn’t arcade is a lot closer than any other port too.)


Keep everything the way it was, and add an online training mode and a dramatic mode or something. Hell throw in a team battle or tag battle too.

But if they don’t do that, keep it the same. :slight_smile:


Keep the game as it is …don’t add anything except online play and thats it …don’t mess up the trainings room like you did in st3 third strike …
a good netcode … and some options like no enemy having a ping over 100 … and show the fucking ping no dots or bars …tracet and ping thats all i care about …
i like unblockables i like guard breaks …i like roll chancel i like top tier and low tier don’t change a game …all i’m asking for is more options 2 search and set online rooms … nothing more nothing less and take 20 or 25 $ for it thats ok as long as you deliver a working cvs2 … no pictures no musik no trials non of that …


lol everyone jumping to conclusions that it’s actually cvs2. Until something is officially announced about it actually being cvs2, I’m not holding my breath.


I hear there are serious “license” issues with SNK. we may never see cvs2/3 ever.


I heard that they didn’t want to do it because the game was too hard for the average person to pick up and play and that it would turn them off.

Which sucks. I like games with good learning curves.