Iron Maiden: Tron Bonne 2.0 (Now With More Servbot!)

Tron Bonne is the semi-arrogant mechanical genius middle child of the Bonne family of air pirates. She’s a 14 year old who first appeared in the Megaman Legends series, and proved popular enough to get her own game, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. She has a crush on Megaman, her semi-enemy. According to Seth, she’s “the least evil of the Capcom villains”.

Within the game context, she uses her Gustaff (the robot vehicle she travels in) and is helped by her forty SERVant roBOTs (Servbots, aka the little Lego dudes). The special servbot with the red hat is her favorite, and is slightly more powerful and more independent.

Note that the Japanese name for Servbot for Kobun, which generally means underling, henchmen, or child (versus the oyabun, who is the leader or parent).

MvC2 Notes

[details=Spoiler]Tron is most widely known in MvC2 for having a weirdly powerful assist - her normal 15pt damage three hit cMK (5,5,5) does 45pts (15,15,15) as her projectile assist type (Y).

Her gameplay is generally weird, but she is incredibly good with her corner throw combos/resets. Her moves generally are great, but prone to being very laggy if whiffed. Her jumping fierce punch in particular is outstanding with excellent crossup potential.
Her air dash gives her a touch of extra mobility and lets her do interesting rectangle jump rushdown.
Her drill can do a stunning amount of chip damage, can generally be tiger-knee’d for extra usefulness, and is great for moving around the screen.
She has a straight-forward infinite using the Kobun Capture gun and the Beacon Bomb, but generally the hitbox on those is small enough that you can’t use those safely on anyone not either in block stun or a little ways away. Still, the Capture gun is an invisible projectile, which can make for some small shenanigans.
Her Lunch Rush super does linear nonscaled damage (1 dmg per Servbot) and so is a prime goal. Missing this gets you killed, and the DHC window is very small. There are only 40 Servbots: if you look closely you will see that one of the last people in the lunch line is Data the monkey.
King Kobun is a little harder to set up, but could be used to **semi-**safely cover a blocked drill. Notably it has one hit of super armor if Kobun is allowed to grow to giant size.[/details]

General MvC3 notation



:atk: = any attack button
:atk::atk: = two attack buttons
:l: = light attack
:m: = medium attack
:h: = heavy attack
:s: = Special
:a1:=Assist 1
:a2:=Assist 2
DHC= Delayed Hyper Combo
KFC= X-Factor Cancel
ad= Airdash
tk=tigerknee motion
[]=repeat whatever is between the brackets

MvC3 Gameplay Info

normal normals

[details=Spoiler]Normals (Doc Strange’s guesses)
s.:l:-gun hand punch
s.:m:-piston punch
f.:m:-Gustaff Fire: chips, can jump cancel
j.:h:-lariat – use it carefully, love it: knockdown
j.E-arm swing
c.:l:-chainsaw: hits low
c.:m:-yo-yos: hits low
c.:h:-hovercraft aka the moonwalk : hits low, OTGs
f.:h:-Bandit Boulder: chips
tag in-chainsaw
snap back-lariat[/details]

Interesting Normals
:f::m:: Gustaff Fire: this is a mini-launcher.
Air dash

Servbot Launcher/Capture Gun: :qcf:+:atk:
–> Much faster than in MvC2. Note that the Servbots retrieve a Zenny (money), not life. This does not help you if you wait for it. Kill 'em.
Beacon Bomb: :dp:+:atk:
Bonne Strike (air): :rdp:+:atk: Mash for more hits.
Bonne Mixer (command grab): :hcb: +:atk:

Servbot Takeout/Lunch Rush: :qcf:+:atk::atk:
–> Nerfed but now hits [media=youtube]uyKkcjsA0vU&feature=player_detailpage#t=107s[/media]). Can combo into from King Kobun.
Servbot Surprise/King Kobun: :dp:+:atk::atk:
–> Startup is now much slower, but it comes with more superarmor and seems to combo readily off of :c: in the corner.
Bonne Slam (3 levels): :hcb:+:atk::atk:
–> Instant throw. Can cancel blocked Bonne Strikes with this.

A assist: Bonne Strike
A alpha: TBD
A THC: King Kobun
B assist: Gustaff Fire (partially invincible, recommended)
B alpha: TBD
B THC: King Kobun
Y assist: Bandit Boulder (does not OTG)
Y alpha: TBD
Y THC: King Kobun
1: Normal: Green gustaff, blue Servbot, pink shirt
2: ROLL! Red Gustaff, white Servbot, white shirt, blonde Tron
3: Black Gustaff, red Servbot, black shirt
4: Blue Gustaff, green Servbot, white shirt, brunette Tron (Tron/Servbot color swap?)



I don’t know people who have played Tron yet. Report in! Supposedly you can combo pretty much anything after the drill now. In the videos so far they seem to do the following combos. Note that this is guesswork based upon what was shown.

drill, c :h:, sj, sj:l:, sj:m:, sj:h:
:h: xx Lunch Rush
corner: j :h:, :b: xx Bonne Strike, c. :h:, sj, sj :a:, sj :m:, sj :h:
command throw, OTG assist, Lunch Rush xx KFC, Bonne Slam

  • s.:l:, cr.:m:, s.:h: xx Bonne Strike, cr.:m:, f.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, s.:h:, xx Lunch Rush/King Kobun
  • cr.L > cr.M > st.H xx H Drill > fw.M > j.Cancel > j.M > j.M > j.H > fw.M > j.Cancel > j.S xx Lunch Rush
  • cr.L > cr.M > S > j.Cancel > a.M > a.M > a.H > j > j.L > j.M > j.H > st.M xx H Drill xx Lunch Rush
  • Tron: Command grab in the corner, D. H, F+H, call Dormammu’s Black Hole assist, Lunch Rush, Lv 1 X-Factor, King Kobun = 817,000 damage (from FrankDaDank)

Credits go to everyone in the old thread. Sumoslamman has a nice writeup here.

Interesting videos:

  • [media=youtube]7Sx7BNHXaZM[/media] (bad quality)
  • [media=youtube]WgsVoHsfgqA[/media]

Media and other random stuff

Random stuff
Her rival apears to be X-23.
She’s voiced by Tara Strong (English) and Mayumi Iizuka (Japanese)
Tron’s home stage is Kattelox Island. Tron watches fights on her stage if she’s not a selected character. Teisel Bonne cheers on Tron when she’s fighting.
Her taunt is epic.

Non-gameplay Media

MvC3 gameplay videos

  • Tron’s MvC3 ending (spoilers!)
  • [media=youtube]EhpGQgtHfNg[/media]
  • [media=youtube]Y_uUq3bf4EQ[/media]
  • [media=youtube]Rtm9lWz4ZLs[/media]
  • [media=youtube]fpUt9B8tAjQ[/media] (shows command throw OTG lunch rush)
  • [media=youtube]eID4oi58voU[/media]
  • [media=youtube]Fzc3KhYz-VM&feature=related#t=02m04s[/media]

Bonne strike is :bdp: on the ground, and (I believe) either :qcf: or :dp: in the air.

Also, :h: into lunch-rush hits anywhere, not corner specific

FYI, Bonne Slam is missing the HCB graphic. Looks good, glad to see a lot of character threads coming back from the dead.

Here is a combo that I can see in her gameplay video 22 seconds into her gameplay video [media=youtube]EhpGQgtHfNg&t=0m22s[/media]:

s.:l:, cr.:m:, s.:h: xx Bonne Strike, cr.:m:, f.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, s.:h:, xx Lunch Rush/King Kobun

The combo can work midscreen, but I’m not sure if King Kobun can only be used in the corner.

Thread title is amazing.

I think this is actually a color swap between Tron/Gustaff and the Servbot

Yowza, an actual real OP. I can do her wiki page now >>

Edit: Her B assist is the same as the :f::m: command normal.

Edit again: She doesn’t have bandit boulder as a special?

Edit Third: Wiki v1 Any editing need to be done?

Bandit Boulder is her standing C I believe. Or towards C. It’s a normal/command normal, not a special.

It’s her Towards+C, if I recall correctly.

now that I look, that must be waht her :f::h: is. Odd >>

yo i like those sexy new buttons MMMMM

So, what do you guys think will be the best assist overall? I know it will probably be team dependent, but I think it will overall come down to the boulder or drill.

great opening for the thread Preppy

Thanks for all the tips: updated.

I watched every single video I could find and wrote down all the interesting combos I saw … and then somehow I lost the first half of that. :lol:

Her OTGs look crazy.

I’m liking how Tron’s j.:s: does a ground bounce (outside of an aerial rave) in a combo like Dante’s Killer Bee. So I’m guessing instead of ending her combo with s.:h: to Super like in that video, you can relaunch to magic series, and then use an assist to otg and follow up with one last combo.

That should put the opponent into the corner giving us the opportunity to use her command grab and take advantage of it. Tron’s looking pretty fun lol.

I don’t know about best, but I might just stick with drill unless Bandit Boulder can otg or something.

I find it strange that Bonne Strike has different inputs on the ground and in the air, is that confirmed or just speculative?

Did you say Iron Maiden?



The drill is gonna be the better assist if your point character is trying to rush down and apply pressure, the boulder’s gonna be better for assisting a keepaway point character. Which assist you use is going to be dependant on your team.