Iron Maiden: Tron Bonne 2.0 (Now With More Servbot!)

Hey guys, been messing around with Tron lately and I have a question regarding the ground bounce after her j. :s: and why it sometimes bounces them higher and sometimes it bounces them lower forcing me to use an assist to continue the combo?

I can confirm all of this. You can call Haggar early, late, whatever he always wins. And tk Hard Drive seems to hit her earlier than anything else can.

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Yeah, judging when to use a combo without hypers is a way to get better.

I’ve observed this too, and I’m pretty sure it’s just plain hit-stun scaling. After alot of hits in your combo, they’ll bounce lower.
I actually can’t get many juggle combos to even allow me to hit a j:s:, due to its start up.

I was experiementing with tron and found another way to do her bnb without the jumping fierce it goes like this

l,m,h, Heavy drill, gustaf flame, jump cancel in to the rest of the combo


it does pretty much the same damage and meter and its another way to do her long combos hope this helps

Can someone list tron’s pro’s and con’s can the list be non bias and legit please

This. People over estimate Tron because of her assist and her hard-hitting combos. She becomes extremely reliant on assists and her jumping H. So much in fact she is barely a threat even in X-Factor. A jumping H cross up w/ an assist is barely a mix-up and it’s hardly a legit strat against anyone who knows how to block. Lately I’ve been attempting to bait the block with an empty hop AD forward into a low hitting attack. But without an assist this tactic isn’t even safe if and can be punished. Only c. H is safe (+4 on block) but is hit or miss in the punish department. Don’t get me started on her super punishable drill and I can’t stand when I mess up a TK Drill and only get a standing H punch (the recovery is horrendous) and loose 75% of my bar.

I love Tron but on point she is a one trick pony, it just so happens when the trick works it’s fearsome. Lately I’ve been using her in the second slot and had more success. Her assist is the best thing about a teams gameplan, next to the DHC trick (sadly).


  • massive damage.
  • 2nd highest health in the game.
  • amazing assist.
  • DHC glitch-able, both into and out of.
  • relatively good mobility, especially for a heavy hitter.
  • did I mention massive damage?


  • Weak vs. someone with a strong defense.
  • Weak vs. keepaway.

Needing assists to be effective is not a con - all it means is she’s not effective as the anchor. Put her on point, and you’ll have your assists available to you.

As for anyone starting to feel like Tron is a “one trick pony”… you should try incorporating grabs into your game more. With most assists, a grab can easily lead to a full combo. And don’t forget about your 1-frame, amazing range, level 3 grab.

(and just to throw it in there - jumping H. with an assist is a pretty good mixup when you can choose to either airdash crossup or not. AND Jumping H. with a low assist is an UNBLOCKABLE.)

Hmm…interesting. I myself am having a hard time throwing in general (takes forever to get in) and throw resets or throw set-up assists?

Just like in SF, getting the grab is dependent on midgames. Probably the simplest is to go for a command grab or lvl3 after a blocked drill. Remember to delay it ever so slightly, because you can’t grab someone in blockstun. You want to grab them out of an attempted punish.

Another thing that works sometimes is roll teching towards the opponent after you get knocked down, then going for the grab (since they’re in the “attack” midset, you can catch them). And of course the always powerful anti-air grab.

Of course, if they see it coming, you can get punished hard, so mix it up.

Tron also has an over-powered, one-time use gimmick: XFC while being attacked and immediately use the LVL3. As long as they’re not in the air when you XFC, and in range, it’ll catch them.

Wavedashing with Tron

I can do it great with Sentinel, but with Tron I just end up dashing then cr.M :confused:
I’ve created 2 Bnbs with her, one starting with j.H and the other with j.S. Both do over 900k, but my problem is that if I start it with my back to the corner I’ll need two dashes to get Tron’s cr.H OTG. I can’t seem to do them at all. Any suggestions?

You can try to do the “plinking” wave dashing, where you basically just plink two attack buttons to dash.

since everyone is on derp flame assist’s nuts i was hoping to put tron on point with Dante/Wesker but i was wondering how are her other two assist “Bonne Strike” and “Bandit Boulder” for creating pressure?

Tron’s mixup isn’t that great. So you have to basically predict what your opponent is doing in terms of advance guard.

i.e. Do an obvious jump in H which the opp will block and advance guard. Dash through advance guard (time the dash right when you land).

Now the opp’s options are to jump back, block, or retaliate.

To address jump back, all you can do is do another IAD H and hope to land an air throw. If they block, you can try to go for another IAD H and hopefully cross up, attempt a cr.L if they are expect more IAD H or go for command throw or lvl 3 Hyper. If they try to retaliate by mashing buttons, just cr.L and you’ll most likely get them, it’s sort of a frame trap. Now they can always invincible move/hyper back, so you gotta understand your opponent and block accordingly.

I find that because Tron’s jump H is so easy to block, people are almost guaranteed to advance guard it. So all you have to do is dash through every single one. But there is a counter to this. If they do not advance guard and you dash preemptively, they can just mash cr.l and hit you once they come out of block stun.

I’ve been playing Tron as point since the game came out, and these strategies are the type that seem to work best.

if you use the drill move in your combo, it should carry to the wall no matter where you start it, no dash needed.

I’d like to point out an odd use of Lunch Rush. VS Storm throwing out tk whirlwinds, Lunch Rush goes right through them and hits from fullscreen or almost fullscreen. A few times it whiffed and I’m not really sure why.

Tron Bonne and Sonic 2 theme, are they too similar?

A fun short video, me and a friend noticed this and I decided to make the video. I want to know if you guys think Tron Bonnes theme is a copy of the classic sonic 2 theme from aquatic zone.(a section of it)


I am taking a tally for one week on this debate, any contribution is much appreciated

As a comment:
Yes if you agree
No if you dont

It just reminds me of this: [media=youtube]j7rMVIfHtDU[/media]

Eh, a lot of music can sound similar to one another unintentionally. To me this is on the same level as Wolverine and the Power Rangers theme.

You know people can jump and block, right?