Iron Man 3, now with more raps by Gwyneth Paltrow


so this thread isnt here yet. lets get it started.



Is that supposed to be the mandarin?


Can you like…spoiler some of those pics?

BTW…that pic of the Arc Reactor is from Optimus24’s IM cosplay.



  • Not feeling this gold armor.
  • Liking the Extremis.
  • Not feeling War Machines Iron Patriot paint-job

Also, can someone explain the tattoo of Cap’s shield on Mandarin’s neck?


That Mandarin dude looks like he’s not fucking around.




I like that’s suddenly ‘ripping off DK’ like it invented the whole notion of being brought to your lowest point.


Somehow I do not think Tony Stark will get much lower then being a drunkard, wrecking his own party, getting one of his suits stolen and almost dieing several times.

Just saying


No… No we cant. >:(

@OP take off that arc reactor pic from the cosplay lol.


that was the tamest drunk tony ever.


I don’t know man, losing all the armor he’s ever had, his woman, and his own house might be a notch or two above that.


Gwyneth Paltrow raps? Am I being stupid for not getting it? Does anyone here know anyone else called Gwyneth? She could have been in Lord of the Rings under her own name and not have stood out. Raps? What?


It is a spoof of Spiderman 3 and the whole musical thing.


Is that supposed to be the Bleeding Edge armor?

Looks better than 2. Hopefully now that Avengers is out, they can keep that stuff out of this movie

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hahha i assumed it was real since she pretends shes a singer.


That Gold Armor is too gaudy, they should just blow that one up *not the others


LOL, don’t hijack the wrong shit dummy.




Lets keep it real, Tony ALWAYS goes through shit on a daily basis damn near. I can at least say that Iron Man 3 has the makings of being a strong 3rd movie in a trilogy which is rare.


Gonna suck just like part 2 did.


sorry, give me like an hour or so and i will spoiler the pics. i was just in a bit of a rush, and been busy.