Iron Man Anti-Phoenix Tech?

Anybody know any good shit to use Phoenix?

Bring another character?

Seriously, all I got is the proton gun. You can fire at an angle to catch people getting sloppy with salty balls, and the burst part of the hyper can stop teleports hard. Also, XFC into proton or Avenger is decent. No matter how you slice it this is a very bad match.

agreed, though some have said that IM has theory tools to fight phoenix… havent seen it much… he has repulsor to hit on both sides to possibly catch a port… but thats the stuff of legend.

angled cannon/superjump unibeam to hit salty balls is about all he has… if you have a character that gets destroyed by salty balls, and you have IM backing that character (like wolvie in front or something) then you can try for something like berserker charge dhc angled proton cannon for a gimmicky counter against air salty balls.


He pretty much needs the phoenix player to do something dumb, and you just can’t rely on that for shit in a real match.

I usually put myself in the corner and then guard cancel iron avenger when they get frustrated and start getting reckless. Its gimmicky though and they probably wont fall for it more than once. If the phoenix player is at all good its a pretty hard matchup.

I remember seeing a video posted a while ago of a guaranteed setup against phoenix though. It had something to do with making her go dark with proton cannon in the corner and then xfc into another one but I don’t remember the specifics. Seems kinda hard to pull off in a real match too.

I’ve said it many times, but it bears repeating. There is no Phoenix matchup, don’t even waste time thinking about it, you will never fight regular phoenix, and you CANNOT fight Dark Phoenix. Focus you efforts on snaps setups. Snap setups are really underrated on the whole, they are good for then just killing phoenix. Think about it, it’s the closest thing you get to Oki in this game.

The only, ONLY legit Phoenix tech w/ Iron man is to have him on reserve and DHC into his upward Proton Cannon.