Iron Man movie costume: First image!

from IGN

EDIT: Likely the ‘early’ costume, and not the final costume he wears in the film.

omg that looks like garbage man :frowning:

It’s the “First Appearance” armor, not the final armor…

it looks a LOT like the original armor from the 1960s.

Yeah, it looks alrught at least their paying homage to the past

Yeah, I wouldn’t overreact. This is probably the first version of the suit.

It does look good for his very first armor. I’m sure he’ll dawn the yellow and red at some point in the movie.

I wonder if we’ll ever get to see an armored War Machine.


are the people that designed the suits for the sentai series working on ironman?

Actually, I’d like to see Tony Stark piloting a Gundam-sized Iron Man suit. That would kick all kinds of ass.

(In deep-resonating-window-shattering voice)

Here’s my Sunday best! PUT ONNNNN PANTS!!!

NOW WHAT, CAPTAIN AMERICA? CAP? Oh, that’s right, you’re dead.

yeah i think he accidentally stepped on him. but that looks good makes you wonder if its actually possible to make a functional iron man suit.

But does it move?



wow, its adorable.

So far so good. I like what I see.

So basically this armor is the one he made before he made the Red and Gold suit?

i hope that the final armor looks half way decent. i’m still disappointed at who got the part of iron man:sad:

Uhhh…maybe you people just aren’t familiar with Iron Man’s origins.

Downey Jr is a great casting for Tony Stark, I don’t know what the hell everybody’s bitching about. All the initial posters for the movie had a version of the red and gold, which actually looked like a mix between his latest suit and the Ultimate version.

He’ll have his scubadiving suit, then he’ll get his fortune and kick some righteous alchoholic ass with his pimped out new piece of hardware.

depp would have been better, tom curise probably could have pulled it off better as well lol. i forgot to mention, val kilmer might have been able to do a pretty decent stark.

as far as the suit goes, i don’t give a fuck about his origins, i want to see him kicking someone’s ass in a badass looking red and yellow suit. shit, hook him up with the extremis before the movie so he can have suitcase suit. it’s not like movies can really do comic to movie transitions well, so just give us what we want. that is, a man in a crazy high tech suit, drunk (or not), fucking people up.

i have a strong feeling it’s going to be very similar to the animated movie, which sucks all kinds of dick. i mean honestly, in a 2 hour movie (assuming it’s that long) how many suits can he develop? 1? 2 max? so what is likely going to happen is him sport that shit for iron man’s “origins” and then shit all over everything else with a room full of already created iron men.

btw, the extremis arc would actually do well to give you some idea on how “iron man” came to be. but instead we’re probably gonna get some bull shit like the animated movie. sorry, i just really hated that.