Iron Man Team Building Excercise

Alright, So I’ve been playing ultimate fora few months and I think I generally have an idea about the game, and I think I found a team in Dr. Doom, Sentinel, and ol’ Shell head himself. However, I’m not too sure about it. The order’s been Iron Man A/Doom B/Sent A. Is there any actual synergy with this team? Should I switch around Assists, team order, or even pick a different character, assuming I want to keep Iron Man.

Check out a player named Joker on youtube to see match footage of ironman and sentinal tech. I think he is the best using drones with ironman. For doom and ironman tech check out a player named Danke. He uses doom missiles with ironman as cover for ironman rush down and for sick otg combo extensions.

Both of these players use ironman second on their team. In fact most top players put him second including Alukard who uses a variety of iron man teams and assists. The only other top player i can think of that uses IM is a player named DapVip who uses him on anchor. It seems the reason for putting him second is for his awsome TAC combos and infinite, and for his damaging DHC, and to utilize his amazing assists. Iron man has a little trouble getting in so most top players use another player to get in then TAC or DHC to iron man to finish them off. You can put him first, but you won’t get his assist or his tac. At least with doom you still have a tac monster, sent also has an infinite, and sent and doom will help IM approach. Anyways check out those players to get some tech.

Switch Sentinel to 2nd and the team is solid.

Doom, Im, Sent should be the order imo. Doom with unibeam is really really fucking good, and doom ironman thc can be used like a ghetto doom ammy. literally just jump buttergun plus call unibeam and you completely dominate the bottom half of the screen.