Iron Man Thread

Time to spread the Golden Crusader love!
Essitianl IronMan stuff to read-
Oh and Extremis and Enter the Mandarin get my vote as some of the best IronMan series to read.
Oh and-

Director of Shield is where da money’s at

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Even after the movie I don’t expect that many to join me on the Iron Man fan

Tales of Suspense stuff. Quite dated but it’s actually quite darker and more mature than its contemporaries. They really should build the Ironman titles around what Stan Lee started. Reading these old stuff I can’t believe the gold template they aren’t mining. Quesada’s Mask in the Iron Man was very good too. I know Demon in a Bottle is supposed to be essential reading, but it isn’t very good at all, so save your time and read something else.

I don’t like most Iron man books but I love the character.

Mandarin is only alive because he’s the most mysterious motherfucker in Marvel. They should keep it that way. I hate when they try to explain his powers & origins. He was built as a Fu-Manchu archtype with all that “ancient chinese secret” intrigue back in the 60s and that’s how he should stay (modern built on that foundation of course, just remove the offensive overtones). Also, it’s not like Iron Man hasn’t killed him before…

Rogues gallery? What kind of superhero collects villains? Most of Tony Stark’s villains are dead, in prison, now employed by Stark or even became Avengers.

Black Widow …former KGB spy now an Avenger/Agent of SHIELD
Hawkeye …former criminal now an Avenger.
Madame Masque …villain then fell in love with Stark so she stopped but then she’s batshit insane so she’s a villain again.
Blizzard I …killed by Iron Man 2020
Blizzard II …former criminal now a registered hero (Thunderbolts member).
Blizzard III …former criminal now an employee of Stark Enterprises.
Backlash …killed by sentient Ironman armor
Fin Fang Foom …rehabilitated. Now in human form practicing Buddhism. (I don’t know if this is the latest one, he’s appearing in Jon Favreau’s Ironman Las Vegas mini so I don’t know what happened. To be honest every writer retcons Fin Fang Foom drastically different so I don’t even know his real origins or status anymore)
Spymaster I …dead
Spymaster II …killed by Spymaster III
Spymaster III …dead? (killed Happy Hogan, but Happy dragged him as they fell onto the pavement)
Temugin …I don’t know where this bastard is now. Mystery!
The Ghost …still at large. Another mysterious motherfucker.
Melter …killed by the Scourge.
The Controller …still alive! Last seen with the Hood, Living Laser and Madame Masque in New Avengers.
Justin Hammer …pain in the ass industrialist who hired loads of villains to try to kill Stark. He is now floating through space on a block of ice.
Ultimo …destroyed but for some reason showed up in Avengers Initiative then “died” again.
Titanium Man I …killed by Tony in a Crimson Dynamo suit being controlled by a Russian General. lol
Titanium Man II …died in Armor Wars I
Crimson Dynamo I …defected to the US and worked for Stark as a chief scientist.
Crimson Dynamo II …sent to kill Crimson Dynamo I, but the former sacrificed himself to save Stark and killed Crimson Dynamo II in the process.
Crimson Dynamo III …assassinated by the KGB
Crimson Dynamo IV …last seen in a Soviet labor camp.
Crimson Dynamo V …was actually never a villain but a hero, member of the Supreme Soviets.
Crimson Dynamo VI …framed by the Soviet army, stripped of his rank and armor.
Crimson Dynamo VII …defeated by Nick Fury
Crimson Dynamo VIII …no idea. Just retired I guess.
Crimson Dynamo IX …blown up.
Living Laser …trapped by Ironman but got out and now with Madame Masque, the Hood and Controller.
Iron Monger …repulsored his brain rather than face jail.
Unicorn …reformed villain now registered.
Dreadknight …killed by Ironman

RANDOM IRONMAN TRIVIA #1 - Thanos’ first appearance was in Iron Man #55 !!

So I keep hearing that alcoholism and Tony Stark go hand in hand but how bad does it get?

Regarding Foom in the IronMan mini- the mini itself is pretty much non-canon IMO, so that shouldn’t be a headache for anyone.
Also which issue does C. Dynamo first appear in?

I. AM. IRONMAN. I am Iron man.
guitar solo

Anyway, yeah become a fan of his in recent times. Gotta catch up on some Shellhead goodness.


i just watched the second season opening and i never realized they basically took that scene and put it in the movie. sick.

The only Iron Man issue I own :sweat:

So Shengy just posted Iron Man’s rogues gallery… It’s mostly a bunch of nobodies, which is a shame. A great character like Iron Man should have better villains. When I think of his rogues gallery, there are only a couple that stand out: the Mandarin, and alcohol. Those are his top two nemeses.

Then there’s dudes like Crimson Dynamo (although there have been so many, who the hell can keep track?), Fin Fang Foom (one of the greatest Asian supervillains in comic book history), Spymaster, the Living Laser, and the Ghost (and the only reason I know anything about those last three is thanks to Casey’s The Inevitable TPB).

I had a tough time getting into Iron Man when I was a kid. I liked him whenever he was with the Avengers, but I wasn’t particularly interested in him. I think one reason why I always had a tough time enjoying Iron Man is because of the design of his suits. Just take a look at the armor designs he’s rocked over the past few decades.

A lot of those don’t really look anything like how I would imagine powered armor. I liked the original all gray and then the all gold designs because they actually looked like metal suits. But a lot of artists drew his other suits like normal superhero costumes. Just look at the cover of the Demon in a Bottle TPB.

He just looks like a guy wearing really shiny spandex and thick gauntlets. And what was up with artists always drawing a six-pack on the torso armor? That’s like the precursor to batnipples.

His modern designs look so much better.

Well he did lose everything and became homeless before.

lol super crazy abs. call and raise:

Fuck yeah 90s!

yeah the armor designs pre-Adi Granov suck balls. I know a lot of people even like the Silver Centurion aka Budweiser armor but I think its just because of nostalgia. The gold bucket one with the antenna looks hilarious with the skirt on.

Adi Granov is awesome. That new Nova armour looks pretty damn sexy too. Have you seen the upcoming Fin Fang Foom Iron-man book by Favreau? Kick-ass design by Granov as well.

I remember when Alex Ross revealed the new Captain America redesign for Bucky and it looked like crap but people weren’t really criticizing him because, well, he’s Alex Ross and he was explaining how the shiny top and the black leggings symbolize something meanwhile nobody cares because it looks like its made for Captain America the Broadway musical.
Adi Granov should just design every Marvel character from now on.

I think Tony Stark’s villains aren’t popular because:
a.) Most Iron-man writers sucked. In fact there is no definitive Iron-man story. Demon in a Bottle is the closest I guess but re-reading that thing is about as fun as reading Maximum Carnage. I won’t even recommend it for those who haven’t read it yet.
b.) His villains rarely appear on other titles. Titanium Man was in ASM but who the hell knows which Titanium Man it was. When was the last time Mandarin pestered other heroes other than Tony? His villains (who are alive) are never really involved in big crossovers either.

Yeah. It’s all about Adi Granov’s designs. That’s how Iron Man is SUPPOSED to look: futuristic.

I am not too big a fan of most of the other Iron Man designs. Even the MvC2-era Iron Man has those six-pack abs molded into the armor. I can’t stand that! Most of the other ones, including the Silver Centurion version, have silly-looking, demure legs that don’t look like armor at all.

Demon in the Bottle is considered by old-school Iron Man fans to be his definitive story, I guess. Either that or Armor Wars. I find both of them difficult to reread in light of modern sensibilities. The Iron Man stories I truly care about are Extremis and The Inevitable. I haven’t read Casey’s Enter the Mandarin yet, but I think the TRADE, BABY comes out this week. I’m gonna get that and I expect to like it because Joe Casey knows Iron Man. I also enjoyed Orson Scott Card’s first Ultimate Iron Man mini. Haven’t reread it since it was serialized, though, and I haven’t read the second mini yet.

Iron Man seems more effective and interesting as a character when he’s with the Avengers. Both of Casey’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes minis did a great job of presenting Tony Stark as a flawed but ultimately heroic character who strives to do the right thing in order to build a better future.

Even when he showed up in the second arc of Bru’s Cap run, when he teamed up with Cap and Falcon to fight a warehouse full of AIM thugs - that was awesome. And then there was that little scene when Cap and Falcon were gonna go storm Kronas’ base, and Tony was all, “Dammit, I can’t go with you guys because Kronas tried to make a hostile takeover on my company.” That was a short but kickass little scene, especially thanks to how Epting drew Tony. He looked like he wanted to drink some more Jack Daniels. That’s Iron Man, baby.

Adi Granov should one day redraw the older armors to make them look more…well less like an outfit and more like a suit of metal if ya know what I mean.

Caught up with the latest issues again.

What the hell is Matt Fraction trying to do with Tony and Pepper Potts? Hey Matt, Happy Hogan just died y’know?

Hello Philippine super team! Bye Philippine super team!

lol @ Fraction trying to fix JMS douchebaggery. Nice try Matt. Poor Tony though.

I’m losing interest in Director of Shield (what’s up with 2 people doing the pencils?). I miss the Knaufs and their planned Madame Masque storyline :frowning:

I think that Viva las vegas mini takes place in the movie universe. Not regular 616.
Didn’t some foes return in that mini Iron Man: The Inevitable? I can’t remember.
What happened to Firebrand?

The Living Laser, Spymaster, and the Ghost all played roles in The Inevitable. I love that book. I also recently read Casey’s other Iron Man book, Enter The Mandarin. That book also kicks ass.

lmao @ thor chipping iron mans armor @ the funeral for that hero with a little tap, in Invincible iron man 2

yeah its a different universe. I made the post before the book came out. I just remember that I have to read Inevitable. I know I skipped it because I bought the first issue and it had a typo on the first page so I stopped reading. Normally that doesn’t stop me from reading but IIRC I had an argument earlier with a friend about the quality of comics so I was pissed of. I’m picking the trade up tomorrow definitely.

I should’ve known better than to put it aside since it was Joe Casey. Why isn’t he writing Ironman regularly btw? I think he is one of those writers who never get enough credit for being great and they just fly under the radar most of the time (like PAD or Priest) unless when people need to make a point and their names are brought up (Priest when compared to Hudlin’s run for example, or PAD when it came with the recent Spider-man shakedown even though both of those guys did a lot of great stuff before that)

In addition to his two Iron Man books, Casey’s two Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes books also feature Iron Man in likable roles. Casey’s known to be a pretty big Iron Man fan, and it shows. The shine he puts in the character is genuine.

Might I suggest a church of Joe Casey with Zeph as the pope? I am offering myself as the first acolyte (stay away from my butt though).

Iron Man: Armored Adventures Preview.

Kind of iffy on why it’s a teenage Tony Stark/Iron Man…but then again, its being aired on Nicktoons.