Iron Man Tribute vid

Here is the link to my tribute vid just right click and save as. Hope you guys like it. Just post comments good or bad both are welcomed

wow man- absolutely beautiful stuff… honestly, im not very good at im and am just trying to learn him, but some o that shit was ridiculous… loved the magz to im inf- that was hot stuff (especially since theyre my 2 fave characters)… again, nice stuff…mayb u can teach me some o that…lol

You didn’t tell me you were working on a vid

That vid was a definite saved one…Good Shit, Must bring my Iron Man up to par as well…:smiley:

You never call man or im me or stop by
Yo justcause we are planin to go to T.O again for the tourney up there and also march madness. So you gotta crack down on the skillz foo. No slackin off man.

good stuff man

Iron man vids

wow, its was nice!!! to see… pls. bring some more vids with magz assist. tnx.

Iron man

QUOTE]Originally posted by assassin Inc187
Here is the link to my tribute vid just right click and save as. Hope you guys like it. Just post comments good or bad both are welcomed


nice vids stuff

to: inc 187

thats was great…
can i ask u a question?
>first what controls are you do in iron man infinite in psylocke?
you can see in the self infinite character.
>second that tri jump is shit! that was cool. how did you do that?

> and third you call an assist like psylocke? how did you do that and iron man is on the air or fly mode?

tnx…pls answer this question… by"CapCom_jeff

to mickey d

can you do all that shit that assasin inc187 just did w/ iron man? i mean is your IM that good?

to mickey d

I’ve done those combos before.:smiley:

demon hyo

can you give me vids on your game vs computer? not A practice mode.

Good Combos!

INF Setups are very amazing!

This video help to my Iron Man! :smiley:

ok, marvelous shit…but dude, whats a good way to play Iron Man during a fight when your not doing combos? i see that scotta sin(i guess thats his name) constantly jumps, staying mid range using collosus everytime an assist comes out…
i want to perfect Iron Man fo real…:evil:

hey demon hyo can you do those combos in match play…i wonder…

demon hyo

Against computer will not show you anything cause the computer in marvel is very easy to beat. On the hardest setting is like playing a newcomer to the game. I would get ahold of vids with julius jackson playin cause his Iron Man is mad good.

Why Ditka asks this is cause he plays with me all the time and i can hit all of the combos that i put in the vid in match play every time i go for them. As for you doing all the combos before good for you I’m glad i’m not the only one that can do these combos, but if memory serves me right you use Iron Man and psylock on the same team right? I think i remember reading in a post you used them together in a tourney a while back. so do you call psylock out and if she hits just go right into the infinite?

Nice video:D

demon hyo

Friday some matches will be recorded, I can keep ya updated I guess.

demon hyo

thx in advance…