Iron Man Unly infinite

I still dont get it
i can not do the infinite in the air
this is how i do it

unfly infinite is
launch, lk,u+hp,a/d,lk, u+hp, fly,lk,u+hp,unfly
after that i need to do u+hp
but i am falling down and i cant do that
why doenst the u+hp come out

i have been readng all the post but i do not get the "unfly mode"
what the hell is that. I know that it is when you let go of fly mode(downback, lk+hk). Why doesnt it come out. How does the unfly mode work.
Please guys or girls(if they even read this) can you help me.

Ok, here is unfly… when ever, basiclly, you get knocked to the ground and you spring back to your feet, you’re in what we call unfly mode. It’s a glitch that helps sent and IM players because after they fly, you’re in normal jump and you can’t block or anything, such as doing another HP. In unfly mode, if you do your set u, the HP that WOULDN’T come out, will.

Try doing this in the training room. Gather 2 controllers/sticks and have the dummy on MANUAL. Once you pick IM, and grab sentinal while you’re at it, fly with either IM or setn, and then have the dummy punch one once. That should knock you out of the air. Now, go back into fly mode and then cancel out. If you remember, you can’t do anythign after unflying in normal mode, but you’re in unfly now, so go ahead and hit the HP. It should come out.

One small reminder, you lose unfly on 2 accounts, unfly lasts so many times if you keep flying and unflying. Usually 4-6 times, then it’ll stop. Second, if you NORMAL jump ONCE, you lose it. You can superjump though. Hope this helps you out.

Yeah I get that, but I see these videos that people do the infinite without getting hit. To get in unfly mode. They just launch and start doing it. How is that possible.

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Omg I got it. THanks Alot. I say the video and i saw him get hit so that he can set up for the infinite. Your right. Thanks Agian.

no prob, glad to help out a fellow IM trainee… cuz i’m one myself :lame: :lol:

So when you are in “Unfly Mode” that HP should come out, right after you unfly again?? So that 2 HP back to back?

takes a deep breathe and then waits… YES!


Ok…I am new to the iron man infinite…not new to the game. So help out a fellow non newb. I am doing the unfly infinite…well trying to anyways. Does anyone have a video where I can see how to do it? And also where can you watch videos on this crazy website? Any good how to’s out there on infiniteS? Thanks


go here

it’s not just the air inf, it’s the ground too, but there is a scene in there where it does show you the air infinite. L8r.

Thanks for the video link…that helps a lot. So that main combo in the air that he does throughout most the video…can you tell me the button combos for that. Thanks.


OT: Anyone know the name of the song playing in that video? I’ve heard it a lot but I can’t remember the name right now…

EDIT: Nevermind… It’s Line and Sinker…

The name of the song is Line and Sinker by Billy Talent.


omg… i was looking for that god damm song lot of time, thanks for the name :smiley:

well… now back to the topic… i saw your tribute video and then i started to play with ironman a lot more… then i read about unfly mode and now i can do that infinite. Then i went to msh game (the one with the gems) and ironman has the unfly mode too… !!!

you can do crazy combos with that version of ironman he’s fast, so you can do the same infinite without the airdash just flying and unflying… now… i have msh in my pc so I practice an unfly combo in msh and it goes like this.

launch, lp,lk,mp,hp(not up), fly, lk, hp,unfly,upHP,fly,lk,hp,unfly,upHP,fly, etc… the fact is that with this combo you make the oponent fall to a good level to start the normal infinite, (in msh) j.lp,,j.upHP[REPEAT].

now, there’s a way to make something like this in mvsc2… launch and then do unfly combo and make the oponent go lower and lower… and then do the normal infinite. i can’t go to the arcades to often now so… i can practice a lot. just in my msh emulator :stuck_out_tongue:

hope you understand me :confused:

The way to do it is to use lp instead of lk cause the lk makes the opponent go higher into the air so use lp,fp dash forward or down forward instead. hope that helps

Well… i have to try that… thanks assasin… you’re the man :smiley:

Nice Video

Nice the video isa good guide :smiley:

i watch the iron man vid and read all the post of iron man about the unfly infinite. and i still don’t get it. y?

launched sj lk u+hp aduf lk u+hp fly lk u+hp
and then when I unfly the u+hp will not come out…
pls. help…
thx in advance…

just get launched by a move that will make you land on your feet, or get hit in air that will make you land on your feet and you’ll have unfly

Yo, i have a problem doing the unfly inf.
i only get 2 reps bt i don’t understand the unfly!
when fly i do: lk u+hp then ???what.
is it unfly then u+hp?
if i do this the u+hp will not come out…
pls…pls… help me this iron man unfly inf…
thx in advance…

as many other posts says, you need unfly so that you can pull out an u+HP after you cancel your fly