Iron man zoning tactics video

I was bored so i figured i would make a video covering some of the iron man zoning tactics Ive been working on recently. Please feel free to comment at your leisure.

  • i know i covered alot of air stuff in this video. Ill try to cover some ground stuff in another video.


very good. i never thought of canceling jump h into air smart bombs for whatever stupid reason, since i have used similar patterns in other fighting games. it will definitely lvl up my iron man midranged game.

im just wondering if maybe hidden missiles or molecular shield would be a good fit for ironman… it seems like a natural fit as that pattern you came up with protects alot of local space next to ironman, perhaps allowing him to easily call and protect assists… something like:

assist 2 (hidden missiles) / \ jump h xx smartbombs, jump h xx L unibeam / \

alot of ideas coming into my head now… still cant believe i missed this… its fighting game 101.

i think MAYBE that the first jump h in the air space series might be better to be a D+h since the first jump h only hits the very top of the screen… it has a tendency to wiff… obviously though it will probably be easier to just a regular jump h xx smartbomb.

anywho nice stuff chip! ima see what i can come up with. IM is ON THE RISE YALL.


after some testing i think molecular shield is one of the best assists to use with this keepaway pattern… heres why:

1.jump back h+shield xx L SB allows ironman to hit the top, mid and bottom of the screen at near the same time allowing for max defensive spacial control via option select.

  1. canceling jump h into air L smartbombs (SB) is near perfect timing to get the ranged doom rocks plus SB synergizing and covering both the ground and air at the same time basically allowing IM to control a MASSIVE chunk of very important space.

  2. after L SB has recovered IM can go offensive with cover of ranged doom rocks via ADDF :atk:.

so basically this is a defensive wall pattern that can be transitioned into a very safe offensive. (thats very good for those that dont know)

also note that with dorms blackhole this pattern is very applicable as well just without the offensive option at ranged combat.

note that im not saying that the pattern is unbeatable or anything near that… it has big holes in it and any beam super as well as a well timed wolverine forward dash L will beat it… but im not suggesting to use it all day… just as a placeholder for mid range game transitioning tactics.

on some other different shit i dont know if anyone noticed that repulsor blast ignores advancing guard… but it does. IM cant be moved by AG while in repulsor blast… however repulsor spread is effected by AG… i was just wondering if someone might be able to come up with some pseudo lockdowns to make use of repulsor blasts unique feature… ie chain +assist xx repulsor blast (wait for assist to hit or be near hitting) cancel into repulsor spread while assist is causing blockstun then go into mixup or maybe try and run the pattern all over again… or something along those lines.

if nobody responds with another post i will just edit this one if i come up with anymore theoryfighter.

-edit. the primary team i thinking of right now is IM/tron (gustaffe)/doom (rocks)

im thinking tron might have some strong synergy with rocks assist.

some might wonder why im not hypothesizing sent drones… the reason why is cause drones need alot of space or frame advantage to be called, whereas rocks need less… so basically rocks are safer imho, while giving up some of the lockdown ability of the drones… which would seem to suit a more defensive IM (safety before offense)
tron is obviously good for IM so that can make his day even more comfortable.
and finally doom is a decent anchor.

-edit. found a decent spapback pattern in the corner:

snapback>immediate dash backwards (for timing and spacing) jump H+rocks xx L smartbombs.

if they block ironman has a mixup on the way down between high and low or high/high and low. if they get hit IM has a mixup between throw reset or AA bnb ala wesker.

try it out, if you guys havent already


That sounds like you have been doing alot of lab work. I like the idea of using doom rocks as part of a lockdown for ironman. Ive been thinking of using doom and have messed around with him on occasion. Ill have to try more of that to see what i can come up with.

I knew about repulsor blast not being affected by pushblocking. Ive tried a few things with it before and didnt feel like it would work out that well. But i think that i will try to make a video of my findings

Use it to lock down for slow assists like Doom Missles.

great stuff guys. chipp’s ranged game is actually how i would like to play against heavy rushdown characters, but i just can never seem to slow down wolvie or a decent zero. against other characters, it’s extremely viable. this shuts down shulk/tron completely and does pretty well against older marvel style characters (mags/storm).

although you’re just theorycrafting, you’re on the right track though dime; rocks is definitely a great assist for im (and is, overall, a very underused/underrated assist). incidentally, repulsor is a really good assist for doom for lockdown, combos, and for some crossup games. on my team (doom y, im b, sent a), i just don’t get much use out of drones with iron man like i do with doom. he gets protection to set up his ranged game with photon, air gun, and hidden missiles and can use them to set up some mean rush down and left/right game. i just don’t know how to utilize it with my main man stark aside from in conjunction with a runaway game.

i might just start running iron man on point again. but i’m gonna miss having ridiculous tod’s on everyone from the start of the round anywhere onscreen off of low shorts with doom.

i normal do j.h into uni beam i cant belive i never though of smart bombs though

yeah man, i been in the LAB. found a bunch of secondary patterns to compliment the jump h +rocks xx smartbomb

one of the better ones is superjump ADD H… its not complimentary to the first pattern in a followup sort of way but its a good way to vacate space and then come down with an attack that will hit a grounded opponent trying to dash in or do “something” grounded.

some of the followups to the first pattern with doom (jump H + rocks xx L smartbombs):
1.ADD \ / dash trijump high/low (if the opponent stayed on the ground ironman follows ranged smartbombs/rocks with a tri jump mixup, the ADD is to let IM get to the ground quicker allowing him to follow rocks)
2. ADD> unibeam

another pattern which is another defensive wall tactic with the ability to go offensive, only this one is more defensive than the first one:

ADB> rocks+ H xx air L unibeam
the general thinking is to be defensive with an airdash back and then hopefully cover the opponent trying to jump out by covering the air with L unibeam… once L unibeam recovers, rocks will be starting there ranged push and IM can follow them in like a slow sonic boom.

i really like rocks as a way to advance for ironman since IM can setup so many different angles of attack behind the cover of rocks, unlike many beams… also it seems as if IM can BOTH protect the beginning of rocks while also being able to use them for offense after he protects them.

unlike beams where if you protect them you cant use them for offense (unless the protection is itself offensive, which requires a perfect guess or a situation that is already heavily advantaged for IM) or you have to use them defensive and risk getting your helper killed… rocks seem to have a bit of both worlds.

my primary problem with doom is he doesnt synergize well with IM as far as DHC goes unless cornered or if there is a middle character whos super pulls the opponent close… like spencer.

BUT, just the ability to create walls of space and attack at his whim may offset the problem.

and finally the last pattern… which is obvious like the rest of them:

call rocks, immediately do L repulsor blast, immediately cancel with spread, run after rocks like all the other rock patterns (this is to protect doom and absorb some projectiles… can of course substitute m and h repulsor blasts for more range while sacrificing startup)

once again seems decent cause IM can protect his assist while also being able to follow it with an offense… if same pattern is tried with a beam there is a big gap if im not mistaken… plus rocks arent duckable by anyone unlike alot of the beams.

also most of these patterns are to be done at mid to 3/4 screen away which is another good thing about them… the ranges are easy to get to.