Iron mans strengths and weaknesses against the top tier

Ok lets get down to the true strats now. We’ve gone over just about everything else, but i think that we really need to go in depth against the top tier, cuz let face it thats who your going to be facing in tourneys and such.

1-- Cable. Lots of peeps say that cable really isn’t a problem, but he can be a huge problem. Catching up to a running cable can be quite a task for IM. As we all know IM doesn’t have great speed, his a/d is slower than say a mags. Add in a powerful anti-air with cable and it is quite a daunting task indeed. One on one i think IM has a great chance, maybe even better than 50% imo. With his cross-ups etc. Iron man has a good chance to catch cable pretty easily. If he superjumps, just wave dash underneath him, or even underneath and then back again to fool your opponet, if you miss when he lands triple jump back over his head and try to cross him up. Now the hard part, cable paired with a good anti-air assist. Lets say for now Capcom, this imo is the hardest one to get past to get to cable. Capcom takes away alot of IM’s game, such as smartbomb zoning, well for the most part anyways. So this gives you a very small window to actually try to attack him. You have a tiny amount of time after he calls capcom to try to get past his gunshots. With doom however you can extend the amount of time you have, but you have to make sure you sj. quick enough to get past getting caught in blockstun or your doom is dead, and make sure that doom holds capcom for a little bit so that he can’t be called again. You can use this window to attack cable if you can get past his fp gunshot. At the same time it could work greatly for you if your playing against a trigger happy cable with alot of meters. Basically your calling out Doom as bait, and sooner or later a trigger happy cable will eat it up like a rat does cheese, and if he doesn’t, hopefully doom will hold capcom in his rocks long enough to catch up to Cable. Just keep on going with these types of patterns, hopefully sooner or later you’ll catch up to him. Alot of peeps(myself included) get frustrated, and often try to rush him too crazily, but do not do this its the quickest way to end up getting ahvb’d to death. The key against Cable is patience.
Anyone else is welcome to write on strats against cable as well.

I’ll write some on storm next, which is imo the hardest matchup for IM.


Heh i never said that sent. was easy, but yea i think that storm is the worst, or at least for me, i have alot of problems against her, i can almost never catch her ass. I’m gonna address sent. sometime too, he IS another troublesome character too, but thats why i made this thread to hopefully get some input and some usefull ways to beat the top tier.


mixup i wanna know that did u send the address to him or not?yo chunlis pimp mixup saw my vids so soon it will be posted

well i dont have a hard time fightin sent with ironman at all…all i do is pace the match with smart bombs and wait for him to mess up…i keep my distance soooo if he does come close i will just dual it out with him,even though capcom can be annyoing.with the right assit and no flaws sent can be fihsined easily…sentinel is like a watermelon,big but craks easy.

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Hey ya’ll need to keep your challenges to the florida match making thread, this thread has turned into an i’m better than you thread, and i don’t care which one of you is better than the other, i was hoping for some decent strats to help peeps out not ya’ll going back and forth. :bluu:


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Now instead of bitching, lets talk ironman!

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but back to the topic.

ok,who here can do his air unfly/inf?cause that shit is wicked,so can sombody who knows it please list and explain the timin on it.and also why is it that i cant get the proton cannon to connect after the inf on cable?

To do the fly/unfly infinite… it’s

launcher, sj, sj.lp,, sj.u.fp, sj.u.rh, ad u/f, lp, u.fp, [fly, lk, u.fp, unfly, u.fp, ad u/f, lk, u.fp] repeat x 5 or so.

The initial setup is flexible… you can do pretty much anything you want before the first infinite repetition, so just find a magic series you’re comfortable with.

Timing isn’t too difficult… just try and do things in a smooth continuous motion and you should keep juggling them in the air. Just keep it going kinda fast.

At the last repetition, you can add in a fp unibeam, but you shouldn’t unless you’re either in the corner, or you’re sure the unibeam’ll kill the other character because everyone in the god tier has a way of hitting you back after the unibeam.

(storm = la XX ls, Sent = rocket punch, Cable = AHVB, Magneto = tempest) I think…

Also, about the third rep or so, you can tack in a lp during the portion where you’re in flight mode. Since damage scaling will already have taken place, the extra lp will add a bit more damage. You don’t want to do this during the first two reps because it’ll push them away too far, and you won’t be able to continue. You can do it for the last three or so because you’ll lose unfly anyway after the fifth fly/unfly rep so it doesn’t matter. Any extra damage is helpful.

If you’re in the corner, you can throw their ass after the unibeam. If you’re midscreen, instead of the unibeam, you can add an up + roundhouse after the airdash, then fly, then throw if the guy’s heavy. Otherwise, you can just throw after you cancel into flight mode for the normal weight characters after the up + fp.

If I ever get around to making a combo vid, I’ll do some fly/unfly crap into a throw into a ground infinite or some shit :slight_smile:

The only Iron Man team I play is IM, Sent, Capcom. I think Iron man can be real good with sent and cap’s assist. I like IM against Mag becuz all of IM’s normals beat out Mags (I think) so it makes him hard for him to get rushed down, especially when Iron Man has drones and caps anti air to back him up. Storm can be hard to fight but Captain makes it a lot less harder to do it. Sending out Cap and spacing Storm out with smart bombs is good, and when she lands send drones and if close in try tri jumping or sumthing to hit Storm or if far away do unibeam. Sent/Capcom vs. IM is hard. All u can really do is throw out smart bombs and send out assist and use uni beams to chip, and if Sent closes in use j. fp to try to get him off of you.

IMO for Iron Man to beat Sentinel you have to focus on utilizing IM’s powerful normals. One of the big strengths of Iron Man that very few players touch on is that he can pick just about any angle short of behind him and throw a high priority attack that way. Air and stand roundhouse covers the directly above and below angles, while his air and stand fierces cover the 45 and right in front angle. Since the air version of those attacks break super armor, you can utilize their reach to make Sentinel think twice about dashing back excessively. Also, cancelling his ground normals to fly and then knee diving repeatedly can help evade Commando (you, of course, have to be sure you are doing this right). Another trump card Iron Man can use is c.fierce xx PC under rocket punch - definitely worth practicing.

I don’t play Iron Man, but I thought this advice would help…

2nasty your av is fucking hilarious.

This is my main team. Really good, I think this team is for the more advanced ironman players since you have to set the inf. up yourself without assist.

One suggestion, is to abuse the resets that involve commando aa. They do alot of damage, and can really turn the tables in the match to favor ironman.

Just some random stuff, when doing the unfly inf. in the air, while in flight, do an up roundhouse, dash to other side to reset, then continue combo. By doing this, you can call commando aa two times and inflict sick damage.

Learn to do the different variations of sent/ironman fastfly combos to do damage. There’s a clip in the gaming section that has a sent/ironman combo. Performed by TP, its in teh best magneto thread. Go check it out, its a 90 percent combo.

Actually u can set up the inf. with either of those assists, although it is a bit more difficult, but its still easily possible.


i know that, what i meant is that you can’t rely on sent and commando to set up the inf.:slight_smile: . this team require’s lots of skill with ironman on point, but its madagable.

ironman/commando arn’t exactly compatable together, but they can rack up some damage together.

I’m thinking of making a little ironman vid showing midscreen guardbreaks, and some resets. I’ll see how it goes and try to share some of it with the ironman users. :slight_smile: