Iron many man points?


Watch and weep.

So Valaris trying to start the SRK IRON PENIS competition huh?

So how many cock pushups can you do Valaris??

I don’t stand a chance.

My favorite part is just the asian hippy guy. How many asians have you ever seen with a bandana on?! I MEAN COME ON!

what the hell…

what the fuck…

What the…Penis?

That series was pretty cool…


why would someone even think about trying that?..

to prove his kung fu is too hard…err strong.

Good fuckin’ lord!

imma try it

Lol, I grow up reading ads that teach that recruit student for it.

They must be bored…

Damn must hurt later.

I trained in this style a while back. Hung Wang Long was my mentor. I stopped training because we had a difference in opinion. He kicked me out when I ended up paralyzing his daughters Suc Mi Long from the throat down.


This is life changing.

I feel stronger already

hahah. Ive met that guy actually, nice enough I guess. He was here in Oakland just a couple months ago doing an iron palm demonstration at a tournament trying to chop a piece of metal pipe and bend it in half. Sad thing was, that after many attempts and excuses as to why it was not working, he pretty much gave up. aiyah. talk about embarassing.

maybe he shoulda used his metal pipe to bend the metal pipe. :lol: