Iron Spidey and Iron Man Best of friends



Hey guys this is my first time posting on SRK. I am the only Good spiderman here in orlando FL. I Now use Spidey Doom Ironman. Ill post all the matches I do on streams and tournaments here on this thread so you can see how i approach with spidey. I am wanting to know if there are any other spidey player around my location. but every tournament I am the one usually playing him and placing top 5.


damn i glad i changed my profile pic like 2 seconds ago lol or you would have a twin, but i glad you started this topic on they synergy between Iron Man and Spider-Man

i notice in your video when you web throw off the sent assist i suggest instead of going into another web throw just do a Crawler Assault, that way you can dhc into iron man better than wasting 2 meters on Maximum Spider wiff into Proton Cannon


YoYo, I’ve been playing you all day, and you are the best spidey-player in Floridia! :smiley:


I don’t get it. What’s the synergy with these two?


Iron Man’s repulsor blast has good lockdown and allows longer combos in the corner for minimal effort.


the only real synergy here is that you get cool matching costumes

spiderman and ironman both require too much time to learn


thanks Xero for a lot of the spidey tech man! ive been using spidey since mvc 1. but I def used a lot of the tech you have on your videos. Hopefully we can get some games in sometime!


here are more Spidey and Ironman play been also placing top 5 in local tournys. still getting better slowly. I also think about picking up thor for team avengers


Great mind sir, great minds. from a guy who pretty much only playing avenger base teams, if you’re keen on using Spider-Man & Iron Man, i suggest Hulk, Nova, Strange, and Hawkeye as your 3rd members.


Not to be rude but can we start posting this stuff in the team building thread? We really don’t need a bunch of random threads about something that could be brought up in one of the sticky threads. At least there you can explain why you use certain characters, what they do for each other, setups etc. while still getting advice overall.