Ironfist help?

Soo I really like the ironfist design, and I like how he’s a rekka character. I’ve been in the lab with him for a few days now, and trying out new strats online. But once he’s advanced guarded, he can’t get back in without dashing and it’s so easy to get caught in a dash, even while wave dashing. I’ve been using the straight arrow assist from hawkeye.

I’m really close to dropping ironfist. I’ve done the “parry” thing with his chi power-ups, but he just gets zoned out. I’ve figured out instant overhead combos, and all these set-ups, but nothing seems to work.

My team as it stands is Ironfist/Hawkeye/Spencer. My hawkeye and my spencer are very solid. Of course I’m still in the trial stages of the game.

Keep in mind, I don’t want to use teleport characters because, I think they’re pretty cheap and can pretty much get out of jail free and teleport behind for the free punish.

If you guys have any tips on how to be successful with this guy, please let me know. I think he’s really fun to play, but it really is not fun to lose, lol.

That’s the wrong kind of mentality. Especially for a Marvel game.

Asking in the Iron Fist threads will yield better results.
If it means anything, JWong loves Iron Fist, but says he probably won’t be maining him because he takes so much work.

Good Luck.

learning Iron Fist tech is nice and all, but sometimes it comes down to what his bad matches are and learning strats… it’s alot of trial and error when it comes to brand new characters. I feel like Iron Fist wants meter when I play him, his fists of fury hyper will go through some projectile zoning midscreen.

Its not really his combos or tech that’s hard, its getting in plain and simple. Right now the current Iron Fist has problems in the air and getting in and having a launcher that can only hit on the ground only exacerbates the problem. In my honest opionion of using him early on right now (this is early thoughts mind you) I think he needs more health, thats it. If you’re gonna leave him the way is, which btw he is a beast once he gets you, then I say just let him take more of a beating. He needs to have a way to handle the “zoners” that capcom buffed so well apparently in this one.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Without a proper launcher I feel like he needs some sort of advantage in the health department, since you have to try so hard to get in and be patient while blocking an onslaught of stuff. The guy is a master of martial arts, give him more than 1m health at least! I’m sure he could take a few more punches ; )

c. L hitting low and/or a command grab would improve his game a lot.

When they first starting showing him all I could think was “all this char needs is a command grab”. He definitely feels like the kind of character that WOULD get one, but I suppose I can kind of see why he didn’t get one. His kara grab would be absolutely insane.

to OP: There was a video for Iron Fist with feint and empty cancels, and if you haven’t watched it yet you should. It doesn’t completely solve the “how do i get around pushblocks” problem, but it shows some ways to maybe deal with it better. Basically instead of relying on his dashes to get in after a pushblock, it suggests cancelling a standingC from your blockstring into a rekka special, and the kara cancel gets you back in faster than recxovering from the standing C and dashing would.

I think a command grab would make him 10x better

honestly if he had a quick hitting low that didn’t take them off the floor and had a command grab to blow up good blocking
he’d be broken and played by everyone one, i don’t mind more people playing but it’d be to the point where every other team would have him :expressionless:

i like him as is making him easier would make it less fun i think

a quick hitting low that didn’t pick them up wouldn’t make him broken, but the command grab definitely would. I’ve taken to dash-standingC-chiparry and it covers like 3/4 screen, and just imagine that with a command grab. forget the fact that you can chain two rekkas off the dash-standC, or empty cancel off a dash-towardC for a ridiculous high-low mixup, but just imagine being able to add a grab to that mixup. it’d be insane.

i think a low hitting normal would be fair, but the mentality is probably that his low rekka “makes up” for it. which is only true in the sense that his low rekka can be kara’d, and thus has much better range than a low hitting normal would.

if he was any easier, we’d see much more of him. i like that he seems like he’ll be a niche character.

I think we need to use his ground throw more to beat good blocking. He can get decent damage off of it too. Mixing it with staggered blockstrings is sure to open some people up.

I still think people are overestimating Danny. He’s not a “great but hard to play with” character, that would be Viper, he’s just not a great character, no matter how much work you put into him.

You may say that “he’s not derp” but Viper isn’t as well, if someone’s looking for a good character no matter how much work they have, Viper would be a much better choice than Danny… I can’t see why anyone would play him if not because they love the character and/or how he plays, and for me that just screams “low tier”.

i agree with all that as a viper player there is so much i can do with her that i can’t with him
but he’s a character you really don’t want to get touched by(albeit most chars are) because he hits hard which is why he shouldn’t have that low and a command grab that’s all i was saying because i don’t think he’s a top char in the game

i agree with you, i meant having both the low and command grab one or the other wouldn’t be that bad

Screw the command grab, lets just make his fists of fury be the Marvel version of Bionic Arm


Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks a command grab is sorely missing from his game. I can live without the air mobility and I’ve adjusted to his weird launcher, but it would be really nice if they gave him a grab just to add another dimension to his pressure game, especially since he doesn’t have a quick low attack (his standing L should have been a low like Viper’s, I think). Even if it’s not for the damage, a Fei/Yun/Yang style one that gives you a positional advantage would be all it took.

I’m sure people have seen this video, everyone’s talking about it but if you use standing H instead of s.M and follow with qcb L then you will reach someone that just push blocked continuing pressure.