IronMan Air Infinite probs. (New Info that hasnt been posted)



I got his air infinite pretty much down to a T but what about when the char gets to the top of the screen then whats??? The way i do the air infinite is this:

launch, sj. lk, u+fp, a/d lk, u+fp, fly, lk, u+fp, unfly, u+fp then repeat from a/d

when i get to the top of the screen i was wondering if i should replace lk with lp to keep the opponent in visible range becuz when i used lk the end up so high up they go out the screen.


ok, please read the other IM air infinite, it does tell you to replace the lk with a lp, thx, have a nice day :slight_smile:


Would this be considered a reset? And, if so, is it practical?

Launch, sj.lp, ADdf (puts you on the other side), sj.lp, u+hp, land infinite?


yes that is, but why would you do it after 2 hits? Just a question but to answer yours, yes it is.


Sups All,

I was wondering if someone could help me with his infinite. I’m pretty much having the same problem alot of people are after the unfly. This is what I’m doing:

launch, lk, u+hp, ad, lk, u+hp, qcb+kk, lk, u+hp, qcb+kk

but after I do the last qcb+kk, he goes straight to the ground and I can’t attack and do the rest. I’ve read the post and replies about unfly but and stuff, but I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Please help~!



okay. . .

If you’re sure you have unfly before you launch and do your Air combo, you must be deactivating unfly somehow. a regular jump disables it, and I dont know that many other things that disable it, aside from it disabling itself after so many times of fly/unfly.

to vercette,
I was just looking for an easier way to set up the infinite, because all of the ways I hae been looking at involve crouch-cancelling, which is hella hard for me to do Are there any reliable ways to set it up that dont involve it? If you need my Im team to tell me this, the 2 teams I play are Mag [a],IM [a or b], Psy[a], and Mag[a]/sent[g] or Storm[a], IM**


you can do launch, forward fp, ad/df, short short, land, infinite. Usually Psys aaa is good, and when you get better, use sents proj. L8r