Ironman: Da MaTcHuPz



This is for Ironman players that want to know how to deal with matchups…there are a couple people that could really kick some knowledge in this thread but I don’t know if they will. I am just making this thread because there isn’t ONE IRONMAN MATCHUP THREAD IN THE ENTIRE IRONMAN SECTION.

This can be used as a matchup related q & a thread, or you can just vent about how bad xxxxxxxx, xxxxx, and xxxxx are owning you up. I’ll post about how I deal with the top tier later, no time right now. I will tell you one thing though, there is a character outside of the god tier that I feel counters IM. lataz, kick da knowledge


IM’s two hardest matchups in my opinion and in order are a well played sentinel/capcom and a well played cable with meter and with a lead.

Sentinel/Capcom throws me through the biggest loop out of anybody…the blockstrings, the areas being zoned, the frying pan, and the spit fly create some hurdles. Understand me, before you say, for spit flying you do this, for blockstrings u do this, for this you do this…because that is if somebody is abusing one of those tactics…thas why I want to emphasize a well played sent/cap or cable. I really don’t have much of a strategy against sent/cap garbage past blocking my ass off and being patient while counter assisting then covering my assist. occasionally a lil pursuit in the air isn’t bad at all though, i mean hell, sent’s and IM’s trade ( :eek. outside of that, I don’t have an answer for sent/capcom. Also, one thing about IM is that his strategies rely so heavily on what assists you have. IM/Doom is a different beast than IM/Sent-y.

A fully loaded Cable with the lead is JUST ABOUT AS HARD AS SENT/CAP!!! I mean, come on, if we concentrate we can all block an IM tri jump. Lets just admit it isn’t that fast. Therefore, you must be tricky when tri jumping. Use assists to create quick cross ups. If your assist lands a hit you won’t be able to lead to the infinite, do a ghetto reset? Worth it if it works right?

Welpz…there goes my tips, those are the MAIN people I have trouble fighting. I mean of course, it depends on who you are playing…but generally I believe those are IM’s hardest matchups. Why? Because Sent/Cap can do MAJOR damage from a safe distance, hence why cable works good too. Also why I consider xxx/BH a counter to IM. BH’s assist works TOO WELL against ironman, especially something like sent/cable/bh, while Magneto and Storm have to get close to do the bulk of their damage. Magneto fairs the worse out of the top four due to the fact IM’s normals are gangsta. Storm, her normals are VERY GOOD too so that creates a pretty big wrinkle.

Hope this helps all wanting to learn and understand ironman.


`50morecentz if u got aim holla at me to talk and shet heh sent/cap gives me problem also storm and any good aaa but if use im/doom or im/sent i can save up maybe but idk you right but holla at me there lol


hey… this is mayb a little off topic but ill ask anywayz… i’m kinda learning im at this point so i’m pretty bad at him, but i notice i have a lot o trouble against magz and storm- hell against any1 faster than im… could u just tell me some basic tactics of keeping them back? no matter wat i do, theyre just too damn fast for me… :mad:


is there any way to hold sent/capcom back consistently , i olny seem to deal back the fucking damage they already done to my im
when i catch them off guard with j.lp, u+hp to infinate , i mean using smart bombs isn’t safe they call capcom and 20 points of life done to im which hurts. not that im predictable (maybe i am but i try my best not to be i guess my im on point has never been too good on point ) some help to stop the MOST destructive duo in the game is desperately needed.

thanx in advance

p.s. other good IM players should share their experience against sent/cap and cable and even on storm(mags can be beat much easier)


in my opinion…anybody wanting to learn how to play IM against Sent/Cap should DL the scott a. vs sin videos. I think every IM vs Sent/Cap match should look similar to that. Do a lot of jumping straight forward and just blocking, waiting to counter call assist sometimes. VERY basic yet effective…it weeds out the bad to semi-decent sentinels to the great to top sentinels. if you plan on using that strategy you must be able to hop out of HSF and/or know how to hop out if people try and reset your assist with a delayed rp.

against storm…all of her stuff beats your stuff, so basically you just have to work magic with im/xxx, if she tri jumps, you just have to block it…with IM you can’t afford to not know how to block. if she calls an assist, you can counter call assist again. IM has a good counter call assist game due to the fact nobody wants to tri jump in and try and stop the abuse in fear that the who ha ha might get put on’em. Basically this strategy all revolves around who you got. If you have IM/Doom, try dashing in c.lp+doom, sj neutral fierce to control air space, fly, dash foward to cross over, unfly to drop down while she is blocking the other part of rock, cross over tri jump, wave dash back and re-position to a safer area. something like that wouldn’t be bad. although, its a little different if you are playing with sentinel with drones or tron.


thanx a lot for the advice man, i really appreciate it… now mayb i can beat some o those bastard storm users :evil:


i got 2 ?s, When playing against Good msp’s, watts, scrubs. how do you rushdown using either Sent-y from combofiend, or Doom-b and how do fight against Spiral w/ Sent-y with IM on point?


team scrub is just a BITCH of a fight for IM…start anybody else but IM, lol. that is the best strat in my opinion.

watts…this has to probably be the worst counter to IM in my opinion. bh’s AAA just kills anything IM has. and IM’s rushdown is MAD ineffective against watts even when you get in…because of sent’s super armor and IM’s slow tri jump. once you get in, you can cross them up with sent-y or land an infinite off of random rocks…but there is NO WAY to get in on a good sent/bh…or it seems like that

msp’s…iono; msp shouldn’t have an easy time getting in on IM/sent-y, his whips really zone. also, if you use sentinel as a shield and mag tri jumps him, you can just hop into infinite. random rocks work pretty well. not taking away from msp, one hit can equal no team, but these strats help me against them.

i couldn’t tell u a dayum thing about spiral/sent…lol, i guess learn how to pushblock out, i believe the timing is at the latter part of spiral’s s.fp


thanx 50 i guess i better practice more blocking since it sadly seems like im’s olny option and by the way where do i DL those vids? thanx again:D


damn…nowhere now since srk took everything out of their multimedia section…it was up there for a grip, im sure somebody still has them. basically what scott did was counter call his colossus strategically…i guess that is his counter to team scrub and/or santhrax or something of that sort. im/colossus is probably one of the better im duos to play against sent/cap IF YOU CAN BLOCK.


Yo 50…how you play ironman against a team of:
I play as:

Magneto proj
Ironman AAA
Psylocke AAA

and he plays as:

Storm proj
Cable AAA

I hate this team! It’s too good against my ironman…he gets owned for free!

how bout it man…any good strats? Cable and Cyclops beats the shit outta me!

I can’t get past Cyclops…every time i try and rush that shit down…he plays keep away…

so my questions are:

When he puts his Storm into battery mode he does this over and over:

SJ, hp, hp, ad/uf, hp, hp, la, hp, hp…

How do i hit storm with Ironman while he does this?

Cyclops in general…how do i eliminate him OTHER than knocking out storm and bringing in cyc…how do i beat him?


a good cable/cyke rapes ironman and sentinel…just know this and accept the fact that your IM is going to have MAJOR problems against this particular duo. I am not sure how to approach cable/cyke either except counter calling assists when cyke comes out while rushing down patiently, but counter assisting in your situation isn’t the best answer though. if he puts storm first you’ll just have to kill storm first and GB cable.

your team shouldn’t have a hard time playing against his team overall. there is no DHC of death, so magneto can do his dirty shit on storm making the odds bigger.

just remember, the key to winning with the team you have is with magneto, you want to get the first hit, and make that lead to the PC killing them, and doing a jap. guardbreak, soaking about 70% off of cable before SNAPPING HIM OUT!!! whether you get the GB on the next character is relevent, but not pivitol. you’ve already screwed the order up if you notice, so it will take cable 2 meteres just to get in safe probably. well, im tired; i’ll post more later


thankx 50…Your strat worked pretty good, but what after a while he put :

Cable aaa
Storm proj…

I had no idea what to do…can you help me out?

His cable is soooooo cheap.

Is storm is the LEAST of my troubles…


Gotdamn team combofiend is BEASTLY!!!

mag/im/sent vs storm/sent/whatever

Straight up, i run until i have 3 bars just to piss her off, any fierce leads to death, funny shit.

Ironmans normals in the air are as fast as anyones, keep an eye of the indicator, zone and mvc1 that shit:lol:

anyone bugs on you up high, i like to hit early attack into airdash attack then try and land before them, maybe as i land do a launch, then if needed fly unfly.

Ironman is prolly my favorite guy right now BUT he takes too much work for the casual player:(


hey mike; i’ve been playing my combofiend mad different than it seems like you play yours…i play with sent-a and almost play a similar style that you would play with team row. my order is mag/sent-a/im. that is why i love this team so much, it has so many different styles, and when you put sentinel first it is a totally different beast. the reason i like mag/sent-a/im is because of the SAFE ways to get your people in…unless you get tagged by a cable with a lot of meter, a storm/sent with 2 meters, or get your ass resetted out of this world with mag, you can get out easy and maintain your characters. you can juss tempest dhc hsf in a good location and then you can fast fly to pc with sentinel…iono; juss wanted to bring up a different strat., nice to see ya still postin


call asssit and do sj smartbombs if cable tries to do the jumping pistol assist spam. after 1 or 2 times doing that cable will start sj to try to catch u. then you can rush in and try to sneak in a short.

In my opinion doom and cable is worse than cable capcom. Jumping in is highly not recommended as you will get juggled and get AHVBed for free. That is very cheesy chipping damage team and the best suggestion is to have cable on backup and when his cable gets too cheesy counter ahvb with your cable.

Against sentinel and commando all that can be said is be patient and don’t get hit with psychic frying pans. Sentinel can’t cover his asssist as well as cable so you can punish them fairly safely with your assist. Don’t be on ground when your assist is out and his sentinel can’t attack your assist safely.

Strnegth of ironman against sentinel:
Sentinel gets infinited very easily and the timing for any setups is VERY generous.


I heard brandon call that shit combofriend or something :p, mag+im assist is just stupid shit once you get a hit in…

I’m bored with marvel, i wanna play vs more beasts:bluu:


come to tampa for a weekend sometime and play stevie. i sware his magz is way faster than yours, he’s just stoopid!:evil:


from faster to disaster

beat it:eek: