Ironman gameplay questions



I have a standard way into the infinite being launch > normal FP > addf > jlp+jmp+u.FP > infinite
or > > launch > normal FP > addf > jlp+U.FP > infinite

However, I cannot do the infinite against sentinel. Could someone give me a practical way to combo sentinel into the infinite.

Also, my main air combo is a string of the infinite being
–anything into launch > > aduf > >flight> and then end with a beam.
On the other hand, if I do notice that my ironman character has unfly mode on…What is the best continuation of the said combo ^^ right before my air combo ender (being a beam)?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer em.

Sidenote: What assist is storm on in team Japan -IM,Cable,Storm-?


its hard to get a launch in ur opponent to set up the inf. unless ur playing the computer LOL. well anyways iron mans game play is either turtle or rushing w/e ur comfortable wit is koo i usd to turtle like a motherfucker. I just blockd blockd and psylocke infinite yea anyways. u should learn CC set ups (cc= crouch cancel) they’re more useful then launcher set ups i’ll give u da easiest one it’s… c.lp superjump sj.lp addf addf.lp addf.up+hp infinite
in order to do this u have to put the stick back into the reg position (nuetral) then superjump after c.lp

if u get a launcher in u can go for the infinite set up’s (most of em dont work for me so u get a good assist to help) sent’s drones or RP storms straght typhoon or LA works cables scimitar works to but a good air combo is launch sj.lp sj.up+hp aduf sj.up+hp fly f.lp f.up+hp then unibeam(hp version)
and if u got unfly mode do da unfly semi infinite if u dont know wat the fuck it is i’ll tell u lol it is…
[launch sj.up+hp aduf sj.up+hp fly f.up+hp unfly u.up+hp] rep. brackets

and for ur jap team question thingy put it in this order…
storm/a cable/b iron man/b wen snappd out for Iron Man come in the fight screen with down+hp or up+hp

so dats wat i got to say bout ur iron man stuff y/w in advance LOL late man

P.S. and the infinite on sent is u dod the reg inf. for like 2 or 3 possibly 4 rep’s then do this j.lp j.up+hp…
to bring him bak to infinite area then land s.lp s.lp proton cannon for like 95% damage i THINK and for other smaller characters (magz storm cable etc…) its land s.HPxxProton cannon


Sorry to butt in, just one thing:

I don’t think s.lp, s.lp, PC works reliably against Sent-- s.lp, c.lp, PC works much better IMHO. Aside from that I agree with everything Atruevato said. Good luck :slight_smile:


lol thx its jus i couldn’t remember the sent to proton cannon after the infinite

P.S. ur avatar makes me laugh thats athenas face in the background right? and joe running like a moron makes me laugh LOL


man this mother fucker dint even say thank you for wat i did. and thats very rude so dont lemme c u make anymore posts or imma burn you…


Ease up a lil

I haven’t returned to this thread in less than a week and you get angry. Sorry to upset you, but its not my wrong doing for not meeting your reply date. On the other hand, thank you alot for the input. I do know how to do the “japanese setup” into the infinite and you answered my most valuable question which was the standard infinite setup on sentinel. Again, thank you Atruvato :end inconvenience:


its just a way to catch ur attention i dont burn ppl its gay lol

P.S. if ur the type of iron man who just blocks n blocks calls out psy dont put psy in cuz psy will get raped. i know and wats ur team cuz mayb i can help wit sum combos or sumthing late

P.S.S. u spelld my srk name rong lol its koo tho


My ironman team is IM/Storm/Cable

Recently (because of the sentinel trouble) I have been forced to resort to rushing down with IM+storm proj when put up against sentinel starting teams. I don’t have much trouble zoning sentinel after an unsuccessful rushdown (usually ending with j. addf lk+d.HP) then backdashing/pushblocking retalliation with a lp.unibeam or jumping forward smartbombs. However, I find myself catching sentinel trying to stomp me down and catching him with a jumping neutral HP > addf and was interested as to why the regular infinite doesn’t work. With a little practice, I have gotten the modified inifinite drilled into my brain vs sentinel.

Addition: My IM doesn’t need comboes. I got air and ground normals that link into infinite down and the air infinite (somewhat down if the rhythm is flowing). The strategy gameplan vs magneto and cable however is what I’m mostly interested in but, I don’t want to limit what may help others by simply stating HELP VS GOD TIER ONLY!!! :slight_smile:


tell u the truth IM cant win unless he has rocks or drones. [which is kool] i prefer rocks and ur team that ur using. iron mans supposd to be the assist sry to tell u buddy i’d use team TOI if i were u [iron man cable sent/y] hope the helps


Cyc can cover IM’s holes very well, and IM can cover cyc pretty well…


yea ur right but cyke is harder to learn on point i think he sux IMO i just dont like him. thats y if IM gets snappd out u get either doom or sentinel and they both can fight very good i dont like sent either for sum reason lol


sux to be u then…cyc is one of the best 1on1 characters in the game. he doesn’t need meter to fight, can build it at will, high priority, extremely useful moves, damaging SOB combos, mega chip off MOB.

Doom is only good w/ assists/meter (heh, maybe just both)


All about IM S/D. IM/D can be a bitch and can trap almost as well as S/D

Problem is the heavy reliance on Doom.


IM/Doom is still the best IM duo in my opinion. Cyke has most of the same problems psylocke has when paired with IM-- IM has to get close to really make use of these assists, and generally other characters are going to be trying to stay away from IM (and he’s too slow to close the gap himself). With Doom or Sent he can actually do something from a distance, plus it adds to his chipping/trapping game, which could allow him to pressure the opponent into making a mistake…


I agree with j99 you know cyke is like psylocke u have to get close to take damage and u need an assist to fight wit them. i only use cyke with BH. but i like sonson better LOL. but anyways go with wat j99 said its good IMO im out late


cyke AAA is nothin like psy. cyke aaa covers 3/4 horizontal distance of the screen. psy is 1 character. cyke has huuuuuge blockstun, psy has less then most characters’ normals. cyke pops them in the air for aircombos, psy sets them up for falling hit stun/otgs. cyke is way more useful for IM then psy, because psy needs speedy characters to make her useful (something IM doesnt have). cyke is good for characters that can take advantage of aircombos, or characters with an overall game of rush/keepaway (something IM excels on). to sum it up, IM can follow-up cyc with farrrr easier/better results…including potential aircombo infinite setups (on hit)…SBs, unibeams, and normals (on block).

cyke as a 1on1 character is nothin like psy either. cyke has keep away tools and full screen chip supers. he is a threat w/ supers, on hit or block…well, dont feel like arguing the obvious…but in short,cyc is just a balanced character, psy is pure rushdown.


Cykes is really good [assist wise] if u wanna play IM rushdown and u want him alive threw out the fight ur gonna need rocks or drones. Becuase if u try to guard break a crouchd character there gonna react fast to c it coming. and dats when drones and rocks kick in cuz after that addf lk he has like a pause and if magneto or storm try to hit him or launch him then thats when rocks or drones kick in. cyke is better for turtling IMO i only use cyke wit BH. cykes setups stuff for storm sent bh magneto but not IM unless ur going for his unfly IMO. thats my 2 cents on cyke i fuckin hate cyclops his just gay ugh aight bye


How would you know what cyc setups for characters if you don’t even play cyc? It’s obvious you dunno too much about him. Cyc aaa is IM infinite made easy. Talk when u try IM/cyc or at least seen IM/cyc.

And if your sole offense with landing a hit with IM, is tri-jumping on them with doom or sent…i dont respect ur IM. That is why people think IM loses badly to sent, and that is why people think IM rushdown sucks.


i’ve never seen iron man cyke i’ve tried i disliked it. and phat toi told me how to play iron man so i would think twice bout saying dat if u wanna play his iron man go ahead. his got the tyghtest iron man in cali from what i’ve heard.


im here in the east NJ. if whomever wants to come play me, sure…PLEASE DO…PM me. I’ll say it aloud, i’m not impressed with any IM here on srk.