Ironman Guard Breaks

Since we have switched to the strategy specific way of doing things I thought that it would only be proper if we had some of IM’s guard breaks.

I only know basic ones, that I do not feel are good enough to post. I know there is an unescapable guardbreak IM has in the corner, but I just am not sure on what it was. Also, I can’t find a midscreen guard break.

somebody enlighten me (i have a purty good idea on the unescapable guardbreak, but I just want some reassurance before I post, because I can not get it to work if they just drop in not blocking)

sj. lp, airdash forward, sj. lp, sj. up + hp

They block it, they are in the infinite.

They take the hit, they are in the infinite.

how long do you airdash?

i just need a PURELY unblockable unescapable guard break cause then i can just abuse the whole team. are there any other guard breaks.

im guessing if they take the hit, you do the ad lp quick and if they don’t take it, you slow it down to GB speed

makes sense to me that way

ah makes sense

i’ve been using because it’s easier to cancel into and out of airdash with lk but it’s kinda hard for me because of that wierd angle his lk comes out at :bluu: maybe sj.lp will be easier

if they pushblock does that still work? or do u have to alter it someway if they pushblock

If they pushblock it, you do it exactly the same way.

It’ completely unescapable. Block, pushblock, take the hit, they are in the infinite.


thanx, now, can we get started on a mid-screen guardbreak, or does he have one?

That same guardbreak works midscreen.

that guardbreak is the shit

Right now I’m exploring IM/Storm/Psylocke. IM + Psylocke = unescapable VERY VERY easy guardbreak. One psylocke AA assist hit = win as long as you get the easy timing down. All you have to be able to do is combo infinite xx snap out if PC won’t finish them off. Plus, you still get Storm/Psylocke which isn’t too shabby of a team in the first place. In my opinion, this team rivals if not exceeds MSP. You still get the psylocke AA xx death, except with very little effort. I saw Demon Hyo playing this team at ECC8 in the team tourney. The only thing you really don’t get that MSP does is the instant super xx hailstorm, but LA xx LS xx PC rivals Storm/Sent as one of the best dhcs out there.

P.S. I know IM/Psylocke = scrub mode Tony Stark, but you do what you can to win.

do you or does anybody else know where i could get some footage of demon hyo using im/storm/psy?

He was playing it at ECC8 during the team tourney…although I don’t think much footage of ECC8 is getting out.