Ironman Guard Breaks

It is very possible to kill a whole team with Ironman alone. The way…guard breaks.

Unfourtunately I don’t know how to do barely ANY of them.

So…for all those Iron Man pros out there…Could you help this poor scrub out.

What are some good Guard Breaks…Corner, Mid screen, with psylocke, with servbot…ANY!

you can do 1 of two things for a guard break…

first off is the KO 1 of there 3 characters. Once you do that, the screen goes into that freeze screen state meaning the screen doesn’t go anywhere. Get as close to the side that they are coming in, normal jump and at the peak of it, u.hp when they just about come in, if they get hit by it start the infinite, if not, still start the infinite, but watch out for the fly aways storm and mags

the other is the do the infinite til you reach a corner, then snap back, then guard break.

Either way, you should be ok. With Psylocke as your assist, IM is going to be hard to beat. But it thats practice and seeing how your opponent plays.

Hopefully this helps.

just to clarify things…IM can’t kill a whole team. People love to resort to “well i’ll just GB all of ur characters and that’ll be game over…if i was good.” No…shit don’t work like that, lets say u get the point character in the infinite, kill him, the second character comes in w/full life or lets say over 90%, the jap guardbreak [which is j.up+fp, land, sj.lp, ad/f, sj.lp, sj.up+fp for those who don’t know, and it is unescapable…although i’ve heard clockwork knows ‘things’] will not kill the second character by just by going into the PC…so you have 3 options…infinite till they dizzy which will prove that IM can’t kill a whole team so lets go another route…DHC, well…after that character is dead wut are you going to do? IM is already out, although I will say this, if you have sent and their 3rd character is a psylocke or cyclops or something, you can unblockable them if you have sent, which is the reason i STAY playing mag/sent-a/im, you can DHC from pc, to tempest, to hsf and it’ll connect and scale damage weird…anyways, third option, snapback…lets say you do the infinite to 40 hits then snapback the 2nd character, do infinite to 40 hits then snapback the 3rd character, bringing in the 2nd character again…your only gun be able to measel about 5-7 hits in before they dizzy, CHARACTERS MAINTAIN DIZZY WHEN THEY ARE SNAPPED OUT! everybody should know this from seeing the jwong vs soo video. anyways, just wanted to clarify that.

Guardbreaks with IM

the japanese one i listed in that long spill is the best IMO, its unescapable

the julius jackson one - j.up+fp, land, rh, otg setup…this is unescapabe, but you can’t tack on a PC at the end due to flying screen, so either reset or infinite till they are dizzy

you can just do j.up+fp, infinite but if they pushblock you are really screwed.

i think some people use sj.lp, ad/f, sj.lp, sj.up+fp, which is a good guardbreak, but i’ve always heard of sticking a j.up+fp before all of that, and i’ve never heard of the one starting with sj.lp being unescapable.

u should try going into threads already made…i dunno why i did all this for u

Awesome thankx for the feed back!

About dizzyness…Say that i did the inf…killed character…guardbroke, did about 50 hits or so…making them dizzy…

Can’t i kill them with proton cannon right before they hit the ground?

i mean i guess if they fall straight back down but its mad risky

-anybody with an airdash will kill off your IM if you do that
-anybody with a super that they can do in the air could do it, wait for your pc to finish, and then DHC out
-sentinel can go into flight

basically…i don’t see this as a viable option unless your rockin IM/Doom, and then you don’t want to PC, you would want to infinite, dizzy, when they are coming down launch+doom, if it hits, otg infinite setup, if it is blocked, fly, unfly while dooms rocks chip…and even this won’t work on magneto, sentinel, and storm, only cable…because he doesn’t have a move that can make him move forward, so he must come down…but even he has the option of DHCing to get out

IM CAN kill teams by himself. I know this because I myself OCV’ed (inf setup to PC, guardbreak, inf setup, PC, repeat) teams. I also know this for a fact because Demon Hyo perfected me the same way (from start of the match).

In corner, the one JJ uses is escable w/ characters with flight, but it does the most damage. The only thing I do different, is after the launch…use d.hp, ad. down, lk, lk, u.hp, land, inf, to proton cannon. this will kill characters.

The thing with IM’s inf, is you have to be careful with damage scaling. You should add in as many strong hits as you can before adding in the inf. Aircombos and using assists are the best way to kill off characters w/ the infinite.

i guess man…if the one jj uses is escapable then the one u listed is too…the jap unescapable gb is the best one to use, and i dun care what nobody says, and that DOESNT kill a full character unless you use a triple team at the end (i remember mitsu doing the jap gb and then doing a triple team while storm was on y, so the hailstorm came out, and he had cable also). and if we take into account good competition, you basically just want to get the infinite off any way possible ya know? If somebody shows me an IM running through an ENTIRE TEAM against good competition i’ll be like “im an ignorant dumbass”…until then…i think im right, we can agree to disagree, n u can have the last word

yea the GB jj uses IS escapable, but only by flight. you CAN use the jap’s unescapable GB to add in another inf setup, so that it COULD kill another full-life character, but u have to add in strong hits before u start the actual inf.

i’m not trying to disagree with what ur writing, i’m just trying to add more info to make IM more of a competitor. most of ur info is RIGHT, im jus trying to add in more input, to those that don’t know about making his inf. more useful.

true that; ur one of the only contributers to IM threads generally…btw, can’t you just pushblock, super DHC out of the jj setup too?

Awesome thankx guys…It’s been helpfull

Is that all of his gb’s though?

If so…how do you think Ironman should play a Keep away team? It’s really hard for me to play against peeople like a keepaway Storm, Cable, Sent…etc.

the thing w/ pushblocking strong attacks like fierces and roundhouses, is that you’ll be in pushblock animation for a noticeablely long amount of time. IM can even walk to the person pushblocking and still have time to throw a HK before the person actually recovers.

but since u have to wait for the pushblock to end, to connect an actual hit (and IM is right under him, with a 2-or-1 frame startup, long range launcher), the window for pulling a super is pretty slim. most air supers dont even have invincibility (maybe only at the startup), so they even have to time a super between IM’s HK to avoid getting hit.

maybe it’s just me, but i’ve tried supering and DHCing out…and was never successful. one time i even had cable coming out w/ a AHVB, tried to DHC, but i was hit as soon as the laser came out.

----same thing applies to jap setup, or getting straight into the inf (while some1 is pushblocking)

hey mickey d’, trying making a new thread for specific IM matches. it can get it pretty technical and shouldn’t be discussed under a guardbreak topic. i would think IM matchup topics deserve a new thread, so everyone can know and discuss it. i’ll put in as much info as i can too.

If you’re lazy, you can do a THC… depending on your assist characters it’ll kill their point character and keep your IM on the screen.

Easiest way to tack a THC at the end is to just do s.fp XX THC instead of the normal PC you’d normally use.

Aright that’s a good idea! Sorry bout that… your right.

Thankx for the GB’s guys!

how do you practice this in training mode?