Ironman in depth



First off, obviously I didn’t come up with all this info so I’m taking no credit. I did write it, but all the information is based off me learning from videos and other people. There are a few infinites I will list that really havn’t been spoken about at all in the threads besides by me, but I’m sure they’re already known. When you search all the Ironman threads you can find everything you need to know but it seems you have to go through several threads, hence why I’m making this. Hopefully it will prevent more useless ass threads from being created.

Normals (note, if i didnt review it then dont use it)

s.LP - Typical lp, maybe just a little short in terms of reach. Never use to start a combo off. Its main purpose is to continue a chain of hits or catch a falling opponent to cancel in to proton cannon. Ex: psy AAA, s.lp xx Proton Cannon

s.LK- nice speed, not too much distance. great for juggles/OTG’s. You can start a combo with it safely but its always just smart to begin with a c.LK because you start crouched and most people continue the chain with a crouched mp

c.LK - decent distance, most commonly used for the beginning of a ground rush/combo other than s.HK.

s.MP - Try not to use, c.MP does just about everything the same but better. the only time i use this is if i’m using psylocke and i simply do + AAA,, infinite. Its only good attribute is it has decent distance

c.MP - one of ironmans necessities. Ironman throws a savage punch that lifts the opponents feet off the ground. Why so necessary? it leads to ANYTHING - Launch, sj cancel, fly, proton cannon. Another mentionable attribute is that it leaves the opponent in stun for a LONG period of time which really opens up the combo game with ease. - good distance, trips the opponent which opens up for an otg. Don’t base your offense on this, any decent player will roll everytime. No point in using it now that I think of it, you can do a sure combo to infinite as another option to this.

s.HP - Many people use this for corner situations to link to the PC. Its easy, but it would be smarter to perfect the s.LP, c.MP xx PRoton Cannon as it can prevent the dizzyness problem people have when they miss there PC. Other than that, it has good reach and priority and can be used as an anti-air. Just beware, long recovery time. So if its not a sure hit, make sure you called an assist to protect you OR cancel in to fly mode.

c.HP - Ironman shoots out a missile from his shoulder. Pretty slow and i find that it comes out during messed up dash cancels. ONLY time i use this attack is when the opponent missed a super/come in and i’m on the opposite side of the screen. Ex: c.Hp+Drones, Unibeam, rush in.

s.HK - One of Ironman’s best moves. The simple physics of how he is positioned when he performs the launcher give it all its benefits. He lifts both feet off the ground positioning one straight up fully extended. This causes a lot of crouching attacks to miss. It has great vertical reach which serves as a great anti-air and its insanely fast for a hard attack. Only problem is the recovery period which is quite long to balance it out.

c.HK - Never really used besides one pretty combo in the corner. Don’t use otherwise

Airborne Normals

LP - Typical
LK - pops opponents up a little higher than LP, HITS CROUCHING OPPONENTS
MP - Typical
Mk - Typical

HP - Ironmans key to all his success. Great reach and priority. It leaves the opponent in stun for quite some time. Three variations possible by holding either up, nuetral, or down and a light sabre esque attack moves in that direction. Holding up prevents the Flyscreen animation. Anytime you land an airborne u+Hp its open for a combo, the opponent should almost be dead (if not dead) by the end of the chain if you’re playing right.

HK - Kick that somewhat resembles his launcher, yet in the air. Holding up will make him kick up and nuetral points down. Can be used to initiate his jumping infinite, and also opens up mixup game a little which I will go in to later

D+HK - Ironman gets in to a kneeling position and uses his foot rockets to project him down to the ground/opponent. I use this to get to the ground anytime I’m flying and don’t have the unfly action. important to know, a sentinel with NO anti air can be trapped in the corner by d+Hk xx fly, D+hk xx fly D+HK. friggin GREAT with doom

Special Moves

Unibeam - Doesn’t do too much damage but not a bad move. Good for chip damage and has great recovery for a projectile. I find myself cancelling a blocked into the lp unibeam which should be good enough to keep’s safe to perform. If you’re not intermediate with unfly action, then this move is usually used to end an aircombo. If you’re in fly mode and in the corner and decide to end the combo with this, it opens up a grab opportunity right after.

Repulsar Blast - Good anti-air but shitty recovery. Don’t use unless protected with an assist, and even then i’d say there are better choices of moves to use. You can cancel out to proton cannon but the method is superior. Its really only useful if you perform the move before 10 hits because it does good damage but we all know a 10hit ironman combo is something to laugh at.

Smart Bombs - Controllable by holding foward or back. Do not use on the ground, ever. Mainly used in the air to control space and open up for rush down and thats about it.


HP throw - in the corner you can try doing a s.lp to grab. Good throw considering you can reset/ combo off it.

Hk Throw - some people use this, but I never do.

Super Move

Proton Cannon - His only super and its slow as shit. I mean what do you expect when Ironman pulls a gun twice his size out of thin air. It does average damage for a super but its value is in the amount of hits and DHC properties. Therefore doing most damage at the end of a high hit chain. Best DHC in the game, seriously. its God like. DHC’s faster than hailstorms and you easily add 30-40 more points after any combo. When i say its instant, i mean its instant. ANYTIME you catch someone fucking up and you do an insant super (ie. mags) and dhc to ironman, the opponent’s animation will not have moved at all. Just please, I beg everyone. DO NOT DO RANDOM SUPERS, EVER. Feel free to call an assist and kill off an opponent with chip damage, but never EVER just do a random super.

Interesting about PC: Its highly unlikely, but if the opponent is located in the corner you can actually OTG when the opponent lands. However, IM is always considerably far. The only use I’ve been able to put to this is a + psy AAA,, j.infinite

Special Note: If you can perfect going STRAIGHT to a proton cannon after a rep of an infinite, then thats the best way. However, its personally hard for me but it might not be for you.

Conneting PC directly from the infinite: If you would like to go straight from a j.hp to the proton cannon you want the opponent higher in the air, which you do by doing the rep as slow as possible and doing the last HP as low to the ground as possible.

Infinite is a must: Everything should lead to an infinite. End of story. You build meter, you can kill in one combo, it brings the opponent to the corner and ultimately sets you up for one of many guard breaks.

Unfly: Unfly combos that stay in the air do good damage the first 10 hits, but its really retarded after that. If an assist isn’t an option, then learning Ironman and his abilities with the unfly action is necessary. Bring them down, jumping infinite is your friend! Its the easiest infinite, most effective, and easiest to link to a super. It also superceeds particular holes such as a two hit jump in move where you could easily just cancel a into fly, unfly, U+hp, j.infinite

Beginning of the Match: This is sooooooo key to winning a match, or at least just makes it a hell of a lot easier. Ironman is equipped with a couple fast ass moves that can easily give you first hit in a match. With the tons of resets or even simple infinites, the first move really counts. There are really only two moves you should be attempting at the beginning of the match. Either a or a Both moves hit almost instant and usually win, or trade hits at worse. If you think the opponent is going to jump at the beginning, you can start straight off with the infinite using the If you want to play it safe and predict it being blocked, call an assist at the same time.

Controlling Space: In my opinion the biggest misconception about ironman is the idea that he controls space. Don’t ever zone an entire match unless forced to. Its too hard to kepe somebody pinned down with the way Ironmans moves are designed. sure you can throw out some smart bombs (his only real way to control space) but you’re just asking to get shot or for someone to dash on the other side of you. So basically, sure try and zone at times but don’t base your offense on it.

Ground Rush Game: Iron man isn’t too fast so his ground rush game isn’t his best feature but I’ll still continue with tips. IMO, on the ground he needs an assist. Most likely any decent opponent is going to block EVERY attack from a solo Ironman rush. So a good assist like Drones, Rocks, etc would be a good choice. Try and initiate the rush with an assist and mix it up with superjumps or fly/unfly actions. I know it sounds weird, but use an anti-air also. Just like mags or storm, call AAA sj xx adf. Rocks/drones etc take time and can be seen coming. They usually need to be linked to balance out they’re speed. Picking an anti-air can be useful as they usually come out instantly.

Resets: Ironman has a BUNCH of resets, with options almost nearing those of the god tiers. I know everyone likes to get saucy, however, if you are really in need of a win its important to realize you only need to perform one per character, if that. As always with resets, don’t stick with the same ones. Either do variations of the same ones, or complete different ones.

Baiting and Counters: Ironman relies on two things- assists, and counters. Which means you need the opponent to attack. If somebody is turtling or running away, try and bait with smart bombs/c.hp’s+assist to unibeams. As soon as he jumps, try and get him with a sj. move (best bet) or try and launch them with a or do a cross up to infinite.

Opponent in Air: Sentinel is such a threat in the air, but thats okay. Ironman WANTS the opponent to be in the air. Don’t underestimate that U+HP, it has great priority and can easily be linked from lp’s and lk’s. From there you definitely want to get in to the unfly combos that i list later. I guess its sufficient to do the standard unfly combo if you’re a newb, but learn to bring them down by forms of assist or gettin saucy with the unfly normals chain. You want them down where you can perform the jumping infinite and/or PC.

Unfly Combos and Assists: if you can’t perfect bringing the opponent down from an unfly combo, then learn your assists. Its much easier to do a fly + assist setup than actually bringing them down yourself. Doom is great for this as you can see in the vids i posted.

SJ Cancelling/Jap Setups: When tri/jumping in it is much more convenient for ironman to start with a lk, HP, as if you cross up the lk is more likely to hit than a HP. Being that its a two hit setup before you hit the ground, SJ. Cancelling makes things much easier. Land and you can sj.cancel to infinite, or fly combos. You can also simply go for the all Fierce infinite which you can find in the combo Section

Ironman as an assist: Anti-air assist is the only one you will ever need. It takes up half the screen and gives your point character a lot of room to breathe. It opens up for a juggle/otg and the more hits the assist does ends up in wayyy more damage then you’d think. Two or three hits can leave the opponent in the air for a good two seconds which should be more than you’d ever need. IMO the people that take most advantage of this are the God tiers, which is partially why Ironman is placed close to them on the tier list.

If your opponent is going to be alive after a combo: This is the only time I really approve of a reset other than the beginning of a jap setup. If you know the proton cannon wont kill them off then you have two choices. Perform the one and only reset you need, OR DHC to sentinel (seeing that he is the most popular person used with IM).

DHC’ing to Proton Cannon: As previously stated, DHC to PC is great. Catch people slipping, or finish an opponent off that wasn’t going to be dead after the first super. If you have a little mixup thats good for one or two hits, then immediately super DHC to PC.

DHC’ing FROM the proton Cannon: The god tiers, besides mags, have really good supers DHC to, sentinels being the best obviously. If the opponent is in the corner, you can use mags MT, or storms hailstorm and juggle after.

Assists Ironman likes: (no particular order)
drones-IM is slow, and these keep the opponent blocking long enough for him to catch up. Good for cross ups.
RP - Rp, infinite does good damage
Rocks - Good chip damage and really opens up IM’s reset/mixup game
Cyke AAA - Great for Unfly combos and even j. inifnite
psy AAA - Easiest way to setup j.infinite, great resets
Cable anti air - can go to j.infinite after first hit of AAA
Mags Proj - Launch + assist, hp, infinite. Also helps bait
Storm Proj - Same as Drones


these are just my opinion, no particular order
IM, Cable, Doom
Mag, IM, Sent (combofiend)
storm, IM, sent (RapeSquad)
Mag, IM, PSY (MIP)
IM, Sent, Cyke
IM, Sent, Doom

Opponent Come in:
-Midscreen: Ironman has a few options. Immediately after the opponent dies, dash cancel twice and you can j.lp, slight pause, U+hp. Or you can do the same thing with a sj xx adf lp, U+HP. A cross up is also an option. Sj xx addf (crosses up) lk, U+hp

-Corner: he has a BUNCH. The same ones listed for mid screen or just a
j.U+HP xx fly,, U+HP xx unfly, U+HP
Unfly U+HP
j.lp + AAA
sj.lp xx fly

All of these will work upon push blocking, you just need to alter your timing. If a person is push blocking almost every time, then go for a cross up.

-Corner Mixups:
Dash to the corner UNDER the opponent, trijump back down, HP
Dash to the corner under the opponent, trijump straight down
Call assist, Dash to the corner under opponent, fly to the other side
*Basically any reset you could do would be sufficent

COMBOS: what all the newbs came here for. Just please mind the fact that combos are nothing without paying attention to the strategy.

List of Infinites: Its hard to list them since there are so many variations and no-namers but I’ll try to cover them all in the actual transcript parts
-Jumping infinite
-Unfly air Infinite
-ROM/ROT infinite
-Japenese 3 hit infinite
-Repulsar Blast infinite
-Jugz smart bomb infinite

  • sj cancelling ground infinites
    -Corner Infinites
    -All Fierce infinite
    -FSD infinites

Solo Jumping Infinite Setups: [j.lp,,, U+HP]
Variation: [,,, Nuetral HP] (corner)

Started with
Launch D+HP, addf, lk, lk U+hp
Launch, HP, adf, lp, mp, U+HP
Launch, U+hp, add, U+hp
launch, U+Hp, add, lp, U+hp
Launch, HP, aduf, lk, lk U+hp
launch, hk, addf, lk, lk U+hp
launch, U+HP, adf, lp, U+HP - after the dash, it crosses up and still combos

If you’re having problems after the dash, delay a little before the next attack.

*anything beginning with U+Hp after a launch can be done after a two hit jump in. IMPORTANT TO KNOW!

U+HK Starter:

Starting with a SJ. Cancelling a Can be done after any two hit jump in xx sj.lp, adf, lp, U+hp xx addf, U+hp - RESETS xx,, aduf, lk, mk, U+HP xx, adU, lp, U+HP

UNFLY Ability: Get hit in the air
s.lp, xx fly,, f.U+hp xx unfly, U+HP /

Unfly Infinite to J. infinite:
See Unfly infinite Variation

FSD mid screen: Must begin first rep with [,,, U+HP]
Note: last hk’s OTG
launch, HP, addf, d+hp, hk /
launch, d+hp, addf, D+hp, hk /
launch hp, adf, lp, d+HP, hk /
launch, D+hp, addf, lp, D+hp, hk /
launch, U+HP, addf, D+HP, HK /

FSD Corner: Same as above AND
launch hp, adf, hp, hk /
launch lp, lk, U+hp, aduf, lp, HP, hk /

Standard Unfly infinite: [lk, U+HP xx FLY,, f.U+hp xx unfly, U+hp, aduf]

Variation to bring them down to the ground
see here

ROM/ROT infinite: [,, adf,, lk, U+HP]
Setups: See any jumping infinite setup
variation: between reps you can [s.lp,, xx sj.cancel]

Jap 3 Hit infinite: [sj.lp, adf, sj.lp, U+hp]
Setups: See any jumping infinite setup
Variation: between reps you can [s.lp,, xx sj.cancel]

Repulsar blast: You in corner [s.lp, xx lp repulsar blast]
The only way I can set this up is during opponent come in (cross them up) or to reset while the opponent is in the corner. ex: /\ d+hk

Jugz Smart bomb infinite: [c.hp xx smart bombs]
Note: position yourself perfectly for the smart bombs to hit, but as far as possible at the same time.

Corner HP unfly infinite: [s.hp xx fly,, f.U+HP xx unfly, U+hp]

Corner HP sj cancel infinite: [s.hp xx sj cancel, lk, adf, lp, U+hp]

LP sj cancel infinite: [s.lp xx sj cancel, lk, adf, lk, lk, hp \/ dash f]
Note: Opponent must be standing sj cancel infinite: [ xx sj cancel, lk, addf, lk, hp]
Note: opponent standing or crouching

All fierce infinite: launch [U+hp, adf, U+hp, u+hk]
Note: to go to j.infinite you can sj.U+hp, add, U+hp after any rep

All Fierce infinite Sentinel:
Same as normal, except you can throw in a after each rep
Variation: [SJ.U+hp, add, U+hp,]

Jumping unibeam infinite: [s.hp, xx lp unibeam]
Note: Do between any rep of the jumping infinite while in the corner


Note: (x) defines a cross up
During the jumping infinite, ROT/ROM infinite, 3 hit infinite, all fierce infinite
Note: s.lp to throws, the lp’s should whiff, its just to keep them blocking (make them think you missed a PC setup)

Dash to other side > whatever you want
sj. lk, addf (X), U+hp
sj. lp, adf (x) lp, U+hp
Tri jump: subjective to what you want to do. cross up, high, low, same side. just mix it up
Assist + throw, infinite, lk, adf or df, lk, lk, HP. FS animation and do any tri jump/high low mixup
" "AAA assist + sj, dash foward
s.LP + assist, throw /\ addf (x) U+hp /\ d+hk (x) Note: feel free to mix it up high or low AFTER you land
launch, lp, mk, U+HP, U+hk / and (x) with any attack you’d like ground or tri-jump

Random Resets
launch, d+hp, addf, HP air throw / dash towards opponent direction call AAA and sj. adf (x) assist hits
Launch U+hp, addf (x) U+HP - Sometimes it combos
launch, lp, lk, U+hp, add, U+HP (blocked), AAA+ sj adf (x) (corner)
launch + drones, lk, d+hp, adF (x) on your way down, drones hit xx sj cancel trijump attack either side high or low

Combos with ironman as an assist
Note: there are tons more, these are just the ones i usually use or do crazy damage

launch, hk, addf, lk, mk / s.lp+AAA, s.HP, AAA hits twice, xx MT, juggle,, tag to ironman, IM hits, infinite
Note: don’t have to tag, but you can. Do the MT RIGHT as the second hit of the AAA connects and it will hit perfectly. xx sj cancel, add hk / + AAA xx sj cancel, hk, addf, hk xx, HGxxMT
Note: rollable and i think you don’t need to do the HG but its harder to time

launch, hk, addf, lk, mk / xx HG, xx HG, xx HG xx MT (thanks illan!)
Note: easy to mash, but if you hk xx shockwave after the 3rd hk you’re usually set
Note: this builds up ONE FULL METER, which means if you do it at the beginning of the match, you will have another super to DHC to proton cannon and kills in one combo.

Launch + AAA, hp, addb, MT and either ROM or juggle a slide to ironman

Oh my lord, cable is great with AAA. I’m not a cable guy, but damn its tempting from all the damage and shit. The AAA does a real good job of keeping mag/storm/sent away and gives cable a good chance at hitting that AHVB,, xx plasma grenade, dash foward,,, j.hp xx AHVB,, sj cancel a plasma grenade, grenade hits / tiger knee air viper beam xx AHVB,, skimitar (whiff), juggle, crouching or standing hk, xx tiger knee AHVB
(in the corner),, xx plasma grenade, dash f,,, j.hp xx AHVB, AHVB#2,,,, sj.hp, lp on the way down /,, j.hp / c.lp,, otg, xx AHVB

i havent gotten the last one off, but in theory it should work.

Corner: hp throw, c.lp+AAA, c.hp xx HK drones, s.hp xx RP xx HSF whatever you want (you could launch instead of the s.HP)
Launch lk, fly,, ff.HP xx unfly / juggle a c.lp. c.hp xx RP xx HSF, s.lp+AAA, RP, juggle a c.lp, c.hp xx RP xx HSF

Storm:,, s.hp, AAA hits once, s.hp, AAA hits twice, /\, adf, lk, mp xx LA xx LS,, /\ hp, add / LA xx LS (do this if you have no decent DHC, otherwise instead of a LA, just launch),, /\ hp, addf / typhoon xx HS +AAA,, otg, AAA hits, /\, adf, lk, mp xx LA xx LS


iLLan vs JAR: i’ve seen him play in person, one of the best IM’s out there


A tribute to Ironman: shows ironmans assist with a lot of low tiers, infinite setups, unfly to ground combos. (i have a different version of this vid for some reason)

Killa Kelly’s vid: All Fierce infinite, Air to Ground combos

Killa Kelly’s Vid More recent: Similar as the last, but cool song :slight_smile: and some resets

Unfly Combos: beware maker made it repetitive so its longer than it needs to be.

Tricks of the trade Chapter 22: resets, combos, etc

Tricks of the trade chapter 3

Killakelly and metrock matches: two good ironman players

Requests, if you would like a vid of any combo/reset besides UNFLY combos i can make them but I only have one controller and no stick so it makes it difficult unless i’m at the arcade.

edit: i’m still working on adding more so let me know what you want to see. I still need to add specific strats with specific characters, and specific combos using IM as an assist



This was needed for a long time…seriously…

Request that this thread be stickied.


yea i’ve noticed that most of the threads are garbage and nobody really picks up on strategy. all we get are stupid “unfly infinite” threads when we already have all the answers in the older threads.

btw, these are all combos off the top of my head so i MAY have gotten mixed up. if there are any corrections please let me know.



though the midscreen flying screen infinite setup I use is launch>up+hp>addf>down+hp>.hk it think it’s easiest.

yeah bringing them down with unfly is pretty difficult…


is there a way to combo proton cannon?


i’ll add that setup! i guess its subjective to the player whats easy. and for the unfly its difficult when you’re first learning it, but then sooner or later you get the hang of it. with an assist its not hard at all, you just need an assist that does it with ease. theres another setup thats actually easier without an assist, i’m going to add it.

dood read the friggin thread. i swear you wont regret it.


several ways…


also, like buckethead said somewhere, mastering infinite straight to proton cannon (no .hp, no .lp to crouching .mp) is best I believe. no worry for dizzy and not that hard.


tech, love the tread, i wish this was here when i was trying to learn IM. That first vid of mine that was the same as the 2nd vid i made, it was just somthing to show that guy, i didnt even know he was going to youtube it. ha, thats why they are so similar. Something i would like to note bout IM’s air to air lk, it works great agaisnt a lot of characters. on characters that will come from the ground up to you in the air throwing out the lk while they are comming up usually beats them. Its super easy to hit confirm and follow up afterwards and do whatever.

beats, i agree, connecting the PC straight from inf is best, timing it aint that hard too, granted i still miss it more than i should, its great to learn.


what if i don’t use psylock. I use strorm and hayato.


Nice work man. I feel I should add to it.

Here’s the OLD IM Guide I wrote up for …back in 2004.

And yes, I know…it’s HELLA out-dated. But I’ve been meaning to transfer it over from, and I figured here is as good a place as any.

Maybe I’ll update it sometime…

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo


of course you do! LOL i used most of your vids as examples. I’ll elaborate more on that lk effectiveness tomorrow. I just wrote strats for each of the gods and shoryuken didnt save it ::sweat: Am i the only person who has a huge problem going straight to PC after a rep of an infinite?

You’re not comprehending my post right. If you read my review on “s.lp” I say its used to catch falling characters to PC. Anytime the opponent is in the air and has not recovered from hit stun, you can combo the proton cannon. On the ground also. I also stated that the HP AND repulsar blast can be linked to the proton cannon. Seriously man dont be a pest. I seriously mean it when just about everything you need to know is in this thread. READ it and read it carefully. Who cares if you can do a combo if you don’t have the understanding of why it connects. Learn your character, and this thread was designed to teach you. I mean for christ sake, the videos i posted alone will answer everything you need to know.


Alright, i’ll read it carefully.

Thanks for the info and the great guide :slight_smile:


I have troubles too, but the way i get it done is like so, i do the infinte, decide when i am going to PC and on the inf. rep i am going to do the pc on i slow the infinite WAY down so that they end up higher in the air and i do the FP right before i land on the ground, once u land do PC, should work every time. I still miss sometimes but thats cause i will dash instead of doing pc, or the command just doesnt come out for some reason. So, if u arent already doing it that way, give it a shot. See how that goes. Peace


Finally a good IM thread. I wished this was out when i started to learn IM . I learned the hard way n KillaKelly knows what im talking about.Good job Tech Master and Geronimo , the thread is very detailed.

  • If you wanna learn Iron Man and your newthis thread will help . i give it 5 stars out of 5


Yeah just when you wanna do the pc just slow it down and do the up+hp JUST before you hit the ground…there ya go!

also his gb (anywhere nj.>right before you hit the ground up+hp) is inescapable and the only one should ever need. simple as hell just gotta time it right.


whats the easiest infinite? Sorry if i’m asking a dumb question.


You’re kidding, right? [uf+j.lp j.u+hp]


alright, thanks. I’ll give it a try.


if anyone’s having problems with keeping them low enough with jumping infinite… try something out, do a few reps, land after an u+HP, then see how long you can stand there before you have to rejump with j.LP again… it’s really long

the longer the time between each of your hits, the lower the enemy will stay.

also tech master, i didn’t see this listed anywhere in infinites.

(in corner) inf setup, [j.LK-MP-MK-HP]xN

so flashy, works on storm… very difficult…