Ironman ROM on Sentinel and others

Does anyone know the timing of Iron Man’s Rom on Sentinel? If so, is it Sentinel only or does it apply to other characters. No, I’m not making this combo up :stuck_out_tongue:

iron man Rom? you mean regular infinite?. lp,lp,lk,hp?..

Timing’s actually very similar to Magneto’s ROM, 'cept it might be a little slower (since IM is overall hella slower than Magneto is). And IIRC, there should be a slight pause before the AD (after the first lk->mk)and after second lk->mk (before the u+hp).

Sorry for how vague that is, but I haven’t really tried this combo in awhile. And as far as only Sent…I’m not sure on that either.

You can also be fancy and do s.lp-> XX super-jump cancel everytime you land.

Hope that helps.

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when you guys do it, which direction do you air dash? i find it easier to ad u/f followed with the immediate lk.

You guys got it all wrong, it should be Ironman’s ROT inf combo, lol. Oh, and I ad/df.

It can be done on all characters, but the timing is different for them all. You can also alternate with his standard inf, go into his aerial combo, the list is endless.

for bigger characters like sent after a couple reps of the lp, lp, lk, u+fp, usually 2-3 times, you’ll notice that sent will drop faster then a regular size character would. instead of hitting lp again because it will whiff, lk, lp, lk, U+fp. this will bring him back up for you to keep the ROT :sweat: shit i mean ROM going

no, no, no… everyone is thinking about his re-jump infinite. How that is similar to Mag’s ROM I have no fucking idea, but Mag also has a re-jump infinite. I found a new infinite for IM that requires sj and ad, land, etc… similar to Mag’s ROM… which is why I called it ROT, because from all the IM players, and videos I have never seen anyone do it. It’s difficult because it’s very awkward and unusual for Ironman and at first you wouldn’t think it is possible. I haven’t released a video yet, but I will soon… I don’t want anyone stealing my shit, then calling it theirs, lol.

So for now… I’m keeping it to myself until I decide to bust out IM at a tourney somewhere and I don’t use IM much.

lol i havent claimed it at all, but i’ve been knowing about it for quite some time. ironman has tons of friggin infinites that most people wouldnt even know about

repulsar blast infinite:
you in corner
s.lp,, lp repulsar blast

unfly semi-infinite:
anytime you and opponent are in the air
lk, U+hp, fly, lk, u+hp, unfly, U+hp, dash u/f, repeat

same setup as the jumping infinite:

j.lp,,, j.u+hp

infinite 2: LP and HP inifnite
sj.lp, dash any direction besides back, lp, U+hp

(variation) land then catch them with the s.lp, xx sj
(variation two) in the corner, cancel the s.hp when you’re on the ground

infinite 3: ROT according to you guys :slight_smile:,, dash any direction besides back, lk, mk, u+hp

(variation) lp, mp xx sj

HP unfly corner infinite:
HP, fly, lk, U+HP, unfly, U+hp repeat

i know theres more but i cant friggin think of them at the moment… if you count each variation as an infinite (since they are pretty different) thats at least 9 infinites whats beastly is that every single infinite he has can be ended with a proton cannon

I hate to sound like a noob, but I am. What does ROM and ROT stand for. And is there some kind of glossary that I’ve idiotically overlooked?

I poked around on the Mageto forum to find that ROM really doesn’t stand for anything. But I’d still liked to know if there’s a glossary in case i come across any other terms I’m unfamiliar with.

I have only tried it on Sentinel and not any other character but the rom with Iron Man is basically this: sj up forward, lk, lk, dash forward, lk, lk, u.hp, land , repeat or into anything you want to do next…

I guess those infs. are good if you want to fuck around and have fun but if you want to win I’d say just stick to the basics, but I have to say I’ve never heard a such thing as an unfly semi-infinite. I know he has an unfly infinite and an unfly combo so maybe thats what you mean, I’m sorry but such an oxymoronic phrase as semi-infinite is just hard for me to comprehend :wtf: . But I’m guessing you meant the unfly combo and not the unfly infinite, sorry :confused:. But as far as the Rom or whatever you want to call it, I’d say for casuals, or showing off, yeah go for it but for winning matches hell no! I’ts cool that ppl are interested in exploring with IronMan but remember winning counts also.:tup:

IronMan Rom Infinite = Pointless

It works on everyone (my combo, lol) the timing is different for everyone (light, medium, heavy characters)

Like they said above, it’s really pointless but it looks damn flashy if you want to show off and remember you can also do IM’s regular inf in between.

ROM is supposedly the name of a Japanese player that came up with the sj inf for Magneto, thus dubbed the ‘ROM Infinite’

ROT is pretty much the same damn thing, except ROM didn’t come up with it… I did a long time ago, and I have never seen anyone (tourney or casual) do this, nothing posted anywhere in the last couple years of strategy for IM, nor in any vids… I have mentioned it and created a video, but that was about it. I never done it in any tourneys or casuals because at top level play it ain’t going to fly. I IM’ed a few Ironman players and said it was a good find, but not really useful (probably why you never it)

Anyway, unless these combos are damaging, I wouldnt’ recommend trying to land any in tourney play unless you know what you’re doing and know his setups with and w/o assists.

R.o.T. That Shit!!


this isnt a strategy thread, its an infinite thread. his “rot/rom infinite” as you say isnt practical at all, so i listed a bunch of his infinites that are also unpractical. unlike you, some people like knowing flashy shit. i’m pretty sure most people are aware that the simple ass jumping infinite is most effective, so i guess your strategical opinion on combos to do is irrelavant huh?

you say he has an unfly infinite, but how can it be an infinite if you’re only allowed to unfly so many times before you lose the unfly attack action? yea you could bring opponents down and go in to other combos/infinites but then you’re not using your unfly anymore. i guess with your technical philosophy, then there arent really any infinites in the game considering them getting dizzy right? :confused:

yes yes, blah blah, we all know you’re good with ironman, but come on dont be a smart ass

by the way, does anyone ever try fucking around with cancelling?

[ xx, addf, lk, hp]

it hits crouching, but its hard. if they;re standing you can add a mk after the dash lk

yeah, with that, the easiest way is to do d,db,b,ub+lk, then the rest after the Been a long ass time since I played with IM, let alone do the jap setup. If you feel like seaching for the thread in the IM strat section go ahead, its still around there somewhere.

Oh shit! I just realized, that my R.O.T. inf consists of lp’s and not lk’s… after re-reading these posts… it is totally different from the ‘ROM’ inf.

and that is all the info I can give out for now, :smile:

Woo, dont ever try to do this, its just too hard for you, ur IM is getting better, i will give u that, but dont try this, seriously. Iron man and I are good friends and i dont even try that shit, even though i can do it. Woo, should i post up that one shit i made up ( at least i think i made it up). what do u think?

Tech master: i would say buckethead’s semi-infinte to ground infinite is pretty damn flashy. Its killer, unfortunetly i can only do it on sent so far (thank buckethead for writing out how to do that shit, its a pain watching it over and over and having to guess what u do)

i think yall should just work on air to grounds and simple setups. ive come to find that the crouch cancel setup is the most practical setup for straight up infinite. its just all about making sure you squeeze every last ounce of energy out of that 1 hit with IM cause you might never get it again. Air to ground infinites are good if you know how to interrupt and weigh the characters down to the ground. IM has like a million air to ground variations the one Bucket showed yall was just 1 of them. IM players like bucket and several others including myself are lethal cause we can freestyle with IM and get away with it. But if you really wanna win just kill, flashy shit wont impress anyone if you mess up and lose. It’s all about gettin that hit and finishing with iron man.

hey, could u tell me the other IM air to ground infinits. ive seen some in the corner and the one on the video that buckethead was doing. if you know any others please share, im more looking to see assistless mid-screen ones if u got any, but anything would be awesome, thanks