Ironman solo Inifinite problem

I try Ironman’s solo ground infinite with launch, and It works in tranining mode but for some reason when I play the computer the timming is completely off and the computer will block the hp, to start my infinite.

Is there something wrong with my infinite timming or set up. I was using launch,hp,ddf (then it crosses up),hp then I start the infinite.

thats a reset it shouldn’t combo.

solo inifnite start up doesnt cross up but i have seen someone you it as an infinite and catch people off guard. you should try it when ur already winning and then the person thinks the match is over anyways and then u bust out the reset and they wont react quick enough to block


launch, up+hp ad/d, up+hp, inf
launch, n+hp, ad/df, lk, up+hp, inf
sj, ad/df+lk, up+hk, inf

don’t even bother with resets, Ironman’s Inf to Proton Cannon is solid enough to deal serious damage.

I tried this infinite: launch, up+hp ad/d, up+hp, inf in training mode and thought I got it down pretty good but when I played the computer for some reason It blocked second up+hp. Am I doing it to late? Is there a way I can change the setting in training mode so the computer will block to ensure I’m doing the infinite right?

your probably doing it to slow. for your second question, go to training, pause the game, go to trainig menu, go into dummy, pick normal, go to guard and select all guard, the computer should block everything now.

I don’t know whats up I can’t land it when I have the dummy set to auto guard. It just blocks the second up+hp and I’m doing it fast as hell. I wish there was a video of this setup. the n.hp and alittle hard for me to do, its just not natural for me. this might help, it shows diffrent variations of his set-ups, but its in spanish.

i find the easiest setup off a launch is

launch, d+HP, addf, lk, lk, U+HP. its just easier because you use the down+HP which makes it alot easier since you’re going to dash down anyway. less stick movement.

easiest off a two hit jump in would be the, xx sjc, lp, adf, lp, U+HP.

Is it easier if I do launch U+HP add lp, U+HP instead of just U+Hp add U+Hp?
which one is easier to connect?

Hello pretty new to marvel atleast to the sense I am actually learning combos now, and I figured this is as good a place as any to ask. I have gotten dow Iron Man’s infinite setup, cr.lp,, d+hp addf, lk, lk, u+hp. However I cannot start the infinite started after it. I try and jump back up and do it but it just never seems to connect. I can do the infinite atleast afew reps off of jump in u+hk. So any idea what I am doing wrong.

just work on your timing. your probably doing it to fast, that’s how I was when i learned it and after awhile i slowed it down a tad and now it’s all good. plus if it looks like they’re getting to low to the ground switch the pattern to lk, lp, lk, u+fp it knocks them up a notch. hope this helps.

if ur doing that setup the exact same way ur saying it then it would be harder to do because that one would require precise timing!

u can try c. lk c. mp launch sj up at an angle then d + hp then ad/ down lk lk up+hp then start inf

Well thats the infinite I am doing I just used the notation of the buttons instead or what Iron man actually does. I guess my question would be what parts should be faster or slower. As far as when I do the launcher I usually try to do the down+hp as soon as I can, which makes it vary a little. Also for the two kicks after the air dash, are they fast or spaced like the actual infinite?

amn1088, try c. lk, c. lp launch fp(neutral) ad/df lk, lk, u+fp…see if that’s easier. i dont’t think u should do d+fp for that first air hit.

IMHO resets should only be implemented on Sent (since he’s a fat fuck lol)…
On Sent only (maybe other heavies) you can also try:
‘launch, /, sj.LP, sj.LP, sj.LK, sj.u+FP xx ad/d, ad.LP, ad.u+FP, /, inf…’
…in case ppl forgot about that setup…

when u fierce down then air dash down u can do the two lk’s fast then pause for a lil then do up fierce… or if the kicks are paced out u would have to start with lp on the jump up for the inf…!!!

already knew that inf!!! i use it all the time!! but that only works on SENT/ heavy ppl!! and how many ppl that are NEW to IM can actually land a hit on a really good sent?? ESPECIALLY on the ground…??:confused:

lol It hurt me to watch Julius Jackson try so hard to get to Sent when he played WM/IM/?? vs Scrub in 03’. I think Julius was a decent IM player from the other stuff of his I had seen and was really surprised. He got nailed by CaptCom so often :confused:

I only mention this now, b/c the vid was just added to some guys playlist on youtube…that and some other ‘extra’ EVO03 stuff I believe. It helped further emphasize why IM players prefer Doom-B (Julius didn’t have Doom-B btw)

julius jackson was better than on OK IM player in my opinion he had ways of getting sent into inf’s that i never even knew about or had even seen!! u should have seen him against Phat Toi !! Phat Toi still raped julius jackson … but julius landed an infinite… soo yea…

most IM players Prefer SENT - R now a days from what ive seen cuz drones could be used like rocks…or EVEN better !!! IMO

Hey guys, I posted this in the Marvel 101 thread, but I might as well post it here too:

I was trying to work on Ironman’s inf tonight and work with setups, but I just can’t seem to do it. I mean, I can do the inf decently with just the scrubby way. Jump-in u+hk, then inf. Most I’ve been able to do consecutively is 16-hits. I dunno if I’m mis-timing something or not doing something fast enough to where I can just continously do it. My opponent just ends up getting too low and I lose the juggle. That’s what happens most of the time.

But getting back to setups for his inf, something like launcher, sj. hp, addf, lp, u+hp, then inf. I just can’t get sj. hp into addf. I saw the vids of Combofiend in Evo West this past weekend, and in one of them, he did something like s. lk, s. hk(launcher), sj. hp, addf, lp, u+hp, then inf. At least I think that’s what he did if I’m seeing it right.

[media=youtube]hMoGFI2tmQs[/media] <---- Around 2:45 is when it happens.

It seems like he cancels the sj. hp into addf so unbelieveably fast. I have no idea how he does it so quick. Like, he barely leaves the ground and does sj. hp, addf. It’s crazy. I’m just tryin to figure out how to do it input wise like that. Trying to do this on a Sanwa though seems really hard for me. So do I have to sort of double tap u/f? Once for the sj, then another for u/f+hp, then d/f 2 punches for addf, lp, u+hp inf. Sigh Back to practice…:looney:

heres a tip. watch the video and listen to the grunts ironman makes with each hit. that helps you learn the timing. helps with a LOT of combos

IM is weird and requires different timing than most of the characters. you just need to whore him in training mode and get use to it.

As for the INF, delaying the U+HP brings the opponent higher and doing it slower brings them lower.