Ironman Strider Doom


I use that team seems pretty good to me but I not sure how to work IM in with assist or how to work IM/doom.

im works well with doom but i feel it’s better to run than rush with doom assist. remember, into inf works well and you will be able to connect since most people don’t expect to roll a lot while fighting im.

I run it sometimes. It’s team “EXECUTION”

I gotta have the drones though.

This is Team Work Harder Not Smarter.

Sad but true :frowning:

Sooo… some part of me wants to pick up this team and some part of me wants to keep playing IM/Doom/Cyke. Aside from the fat learning curve, I’d get rushed down like a sissy without my faithful cyclops. Sooo… how do you deal with rushdown with IM/strider/Doom when there isn’t a reliable AA to stop teh rush?

Well, IM AAA stops Mags rush down dead, but thats really no help since IM is starting. How to deal with rushdown? It’s hard. 2 things need to be in your head. “DON’T GET RUSHDOWNED DEAD + LAND INFINITE”.