Ironman Team Preferences

Teams to notice:
IM/Storm/Cable(I use)

Those ^^ teams are the only ones I view with potential (IMO sue me). I just recently registered to and would like to discuss some IM ( my fav char). I’ll post some strats after the thread has been open to randomness for a bit.

i mainly use


when you have mag in you can ROM then unblockable j. lk/assist, hp xx super. no need for the HG. or you can DHC to IM. psy is the same thing. and i seem to get off IM’s air combos then fly and call out psylocke unfly to normal infinite. every character compliments each other

i use storm a bunch too in place of any character

this is my rape squad


it’s just a fun team too use, i always get good streaks with this squad…

I’ve begun playing 2 teams which allow one to help the other with counter benefits being…1-Sentinel/Ironman/Cykes (Always my first choice in tourny)
2-Combofiend (helps if other player plays a pain in the ass santhrax because my first team has a problem with that…everything else is free game.

I like the way this team sounds you have drones right? i dont think RP would be best for either of em lol. prolly jus for storm. Damn this team does sound fun.

I like Team ComboFiend a lot. But I heard that tournament players have mostly dropped this team… why?

Well from what i hear, I heard its the hardest sentinel team and magnetos rushdown and IM’s not, u need a good assist to keep IM alive. A RP really dont do that much.

hey scrubkiller is dat ur normal team? can u teach me a few things bout it like its ins n outs bads n goods u know im starting to like it HAHA!!! :clap:

Yeah bro!!! drones all the way

yes vato, i can teach you the rape squad, just find me online or pm me laterz …

my IM team is IM/Rouge/Doom…nothin like a free PC from rogue throw assist…it catches so many ppl off guard and nuetralizes the rushdown doom is there to chip and etc

I’ve picked up combofiend recently, and I think that magneto with drones isn’t all that bad. I prefer drones with magneto since the drones help out ironman rushdown. Quick crossups when u get the chance will be vital.

IM/Storm/Cable Best team for me
IM/Strom/Cykes Fairly good, no Cable so no 1 hitter quiter
IM/Sent/Mags Im still feeling this team out but its pretty fun. No good AA though.
IM/WM/Juggy-Tron My BS team. A lot of power. Sucks againts a lot though.:encore:

been playing i-s-c since tampas was doing msp.

Combofiend is serious and so is Cable/Sent/IM. but ive really been fucking around with iron-thrax (IM/Sent/cc) lately. That team has to be one of the best if the greatest IM team. When you play a sent that holds back-up all day and calls commando the rest of the assist are pretty useless. You can’t catch a storm with cyke. and yes there are many combos you can do off of CC AAA. usually when i hit a sent and combo a fierce up at super jump level hes commin right back down to the ground for some proton lovin =)

im-doom owns all !!!

the lock down is unbeatable especially in the corner !! spiral like if done right!!

team im-storm-doom

or storm-doom-im. for starters im b type assist makes storm hard to chase.
if you stay near the ground, sentinal-cap com even has trouble zoning you;ll be very surprised to see how often sentinal gets caught in repulsor blast !
take to the air more if mags is after you + counter call im on his assists . . .

Team Falsebound(BB Hood(proj)/Dr Doom(AA)/Iron Man(AA)

IM/Sent/Cable all the way.

<3 that team parry =]. Wonder who uses it =/

Dude you know what, I didn’t even know it was Team Toi until after I was using it! Go video tape some more crazy ass IM resets so I can “wtf” irl again.

Team Toi for LIFE.