Ironman's cross up repulsive blast

I was in the training room messing around with ironman. I realize that you can cross people up with his repulsive blast after you snapback them in the corner or kill one of their teammates in the corner. It can also work out of the corner you just have to dash and do it quick.

Heres a video for you guys.

Pretty cool, guess the difference is the start-up times on each, right? The L Version starts up fast enough to hit them for a normal block, the H version is slow enough to let them get behind you and cross-up?

You’ve been able to do this forever. I even covered it in my Old IM vid from Vanilla.

The problem is the trap if weak and unsafe. Half the cast can up-back it, and if anybody blocks it you’re forced to DHC or die. Both are a pretty steep price.

Also, this really didn’t need its own thread.

oh srry man i didnt know this was discovered before. so i guess this thread can get deleted.

I use this ALL the after I get a kill with IM near a corner, I pair it up with Chris’s Mine assist though. Thatway if they block, its it hits them, the mine pops them up for a launch into an air combo. Not a bad setup in opinion. looks stylish too. lol
it has uses, but only sometime you should use RARELY by himself,but mostly with an an assist with a lot of delay.

Something cute I’ve been experimenting with Iron man and Repulsor.

Kill/snap your opponent. Jump back (you may have to ground dash backwards before hand). ADDF. Land. Light Repulsor.

yeah, I need a more ambiguous setup like that into it. currently I just kinda walk into the corner, maybe take a step back.
Im not even sure it crosses up. lol