Ironman's guardbreaks

what are ironman’s guardbreaks that can’t be pushblocked

j.f+hp sj.lp adf sj.lp sj.u+hp [inf] works, I think.

ever tried…s.RHxxsmartbomb…guard breaks…whatever you want…i know there are easier guard breaks but…try it for a change of pace

sj. smartbomb . land sj. lp sj. mp pause j.uf hp -> inf.

nj. up+.hp is all you’ll ever need.

all his guard breaks work upon pushblocking. you just need to alter timing.

however, if i think someone will push block i will

sj xx ADF, lp, U+HP, infinite

works midscreen. if they don’t pushblock, sometimes they are guard broken after the lp.

J. U+HP is cool if you’re good at it even if they pushblock. but i find incorporating a couple moves before it can be used as push block confirmation which makes it a lot easier

yeah with j.up+hp you don’t even have to change the timing when push-blocked, because that delay you normally put in his infinite will get them to stop blocking just enough for the inf. to work. just time that up+hp and you’re good.

easy to do midscreen also.

try (with unfly)


whats cool in casuals for fun sometimes and is really easy. just cross them up. everyone expects a guardbreak since he has one of the easiest.

(x), xx Repulsar blast infinite 2 reps, launch (x), unfly ATG, jumping infinite, xx proton cannon

yeah i feel you tech… random ass shit like dash under them, tri jump backwards u+hk works … of course you gotta call sent drones behind you if you don’t wanna get smacked… dash under + dash back works too

also… dash to the wall (doesn’t have to touch it) or just be really close to the wall, Superjump, Airdash down, up+HP’

just another simple guardbreak that a lot ironman players do at my local arcade