Im a complete noob to MvsC2…What i want to know is just the basics with Iron Man. I’ve never done an infinite, so dont bother with that strat right now. I just want to know the following stuff:

Best teams
Combos that connect to Supers
Moves to abuse
Best assist
Keep away strat
Rushdown strat

My team so far is Iron Man/ Dr. Doom / Sentinel…I also like Zangief but i dont know who to take out.

If someone can explain some of the basics for the retards that would be great…

Best teammates … doom, psy, capcom, tron, any god tier… i use hulk with him… (can chain proton cannon after gamma crush, and gamme wave after proton cannon…) anyone with a devastating super xx proton cannon… can be a way to reap dmg if you are dead set against learning infinites…

Combo’s that connect to supers… not much for IM… you got cr. lk, cr. lp xx proton cannon… you got stuff xx repulsorblast xx proton cannon… and you got infinite to proton cannon… and that about it. I think… someone correct me if im forgetting something. There are some other inventive ways to connect it via assist combos tho.

Moves to abuse… s.jump and throw out smart bombs… not much else… IM finds the right moment and makes you pay… not so much on the zoning you like mad.

Best assist… well if you look at the best IM players that exist… most abuse the living crap out of doom’s AAA…

Keep away… s.jump and throw out smart bombs, pin in place with assist like doom’s and tack on chip with unibeam… thats bout it… IM does most of his work up close and personal.

Rushdown strat… IM uses air dash to land combos… not normally in tri jump tho… most often in either AIR to ground situations, or sj. cancel situations… (you can use the search function for both terms.)

Honestly… learn his basic infinite. Even noobs can learn it… its a very simple 4 button pattern that is easy to land and makes him at least twice as good as a character. Take it away and he’s low tier. He has unfly infinite’s and advanced air combos… but you don’t need em as much…

The absolute easiest way to learn it is go into training mode… set the computer to autoblock and safefall… jump at em… and do U+HK… this will pop them up to the perfect height… jump up/fwd and do lp, lp, (pause 1/4 second), lk, U+fp, land, jump and start again… very easy…

gives purpose to your rushdown… unless you learn some inf’s for IM… he’s a sorta scrubby guy who jumps around shooting beams and smart bombs most of the time… and while you can learn a 25 - 30 hit air combo for him that needs no infinite… its certainly not easier to land consistently…

Thanks for the response…

So if my team is Iron Man/Doom/Sentinel who should start the match? Iron Man? Also what assist should i pick for each character?

Yeah i’ll learn the infinite another time, i just want to get the basics down first.


Another nooby iron man player in here, more like a noob at marvel (just got game when it came out on live). I figured post in here of making a new thread. My question is, and I know it’s been answered before, but more towards experienced players, what is a simple way for me to mount an offense. I can do the infinite pretty much 100% at this point, I can finish it with proton cannon, and I’m probably at about a 50% success rate on a solo set-up, specifically launch /\ sj.u-hp addf sj.lp sj.u-hp inf. The problem is, all this stuff doesn’t really help because it seems damn near impossible for me to land a launcher, so right now my offense consists of mashing out cable or psy AAA and doing an inf from there, which just isn’t consistent or unpredictable enough against good players. Occasionally I can land a launcher or a jumping u-hk against a scrub with doom rocks or drones covering, but it’s few and far between, and essentially never happens against anyone good.

Basically what I’m asking is what should I start doing. Should I learn to tri-jump better and use that to combo into launcher. Should I start jumping in more with lk’s, maybe something else I have no clue about?

P.S. what’s an easy beginner Iron man team. I’ve been messing around with storm iron man sent, iron man cable sent, and some other stuff with doom or psy but havn’t really settled on what I like.

Thanks in advance and sorry for cluttering this board with scrubbiness. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been using Cable-B/Sentinel-Y/Ironman-B as my main team for a long time now and I’ve had a pretty good success rate with them so far. Sometimes I switch out Cable for Storm-A then Switch Sentinel to Sentinel-A. I use that team to setup for Ironman’s infinite more

does anyone wanna be my teacher for IM i already got the infinite down, its just the setups, launchers, resets im working on. my xbl gt is ki11ah sou1jah. i play decently if you wanna have a few rounds.

p.s: i need some mvc2 friends :lovin:


If you play that team, I would have Sentinel first, then IronMan. (IMO) Sentinel can benefit greatly from IronMan anti-air, and Doom rocks (for chip damage). As far as basic IronMan, just work on simple combos, like +2,, hk. Thats one of the earlier combos he has (where he sweeps, then launches), but opponents usually roll out of it. Nevertheless, its a good start to learning his stadegies. Another combo is cr.lp +2, hk, jump, lp,lk, hold up + hp. Since you said youre a beginner, thats the start of a longer combo.
Another basic combo is cr.lp +2, fly, lk,lp, up +hp +Doom. When the last hit connects, they’ll drop down into Doom’s rocks. Thats one of the various ways to start the infinite on the ground.