Irregural stiffness on Madcatz Fightstick Pro


I’ve just got a Madcatz Fightstick Pro and I’ve noticed some annoying thing of the joystick. Sometimes when the joystick is moved it actually catches on to something inside (like plastic on plastic, you can hear the skip) and the movement is not as smooth - this happens before the actual microswitch click, input registering is not affected at all. I tried to pinpoint the issue and it seems that moving the joystick through all directions all the way temporary fixes the issue. Is this some kind of flaw?


Did you check the spring to see if there’s nothing stuck on it? maybe the joystick needs some lube on the pivot?


New stick needing some lube? I haven’t checked anything deeper since it would involve removing the warranty sticker. How is the joystick supposed to move actually? I don’t have any experience with sticks.


Oh thought you opened it up, well could be anything but if you don’t void the warranty I don’t think there’s much you can do, it has 2 dust covers so you can’t really check, maybe it just needs some breaking in, or shake it upside down gently, maybe somethings stuck inside.
Yeah all the sticks I’ve bought seemed to be a lot smoother after I applied tube to them, some are better than others but doesn’t seem like they are lubed enough from the factory as far as I can tell at least.


I’ve removed the sticker (because fuck warranty if you need to send to madcatz anyway), boy that sticker was crap (as well as the plate is). I open the stick, and what do I see? The lube itself is so sticky it causes all kind of unwanted moves up there (involving the circular thingy between the actuator and the rest). I guess I need a new silicon based lube. If you have any experience as of how lube should work up there please share.
I’m kind of angry about the built quality of this stick, sure the construction is firm and all, but the little details. Screws are crap, the plate is shit (catches scratches easily, it even discolored a little after I used some alcohol to clean the sticker). Inside, every screw is covered with paint (I guess warranty reasons), overall looks really unfriendly.


I’ve had problems with JLFs before, where they get stiff and then get stuck–usually in the down position. This has happened to two JLFs, both no more than four months old. I also wasn’t playing that often. Maybe a few hours every two-three days.

I think the problem was that the washer was getting pulled up out of its groove, and that was making it stiff/stick. Is that the circular thingy you’re describing?

I cleaned the all the gunky lube off of the second one, and that seemed to help. I didn’t apply any other lube.


Yes, it’s the washer. It’s getting stuck to the actuator in some cases which produces the skippy movement. Is the washer supposed to be lubed?


Only part that I lube is the white pivot around the rounded parts not the top flat part


Thanks very much for all of your help, it’s much better after I just removed most of the lubricant located between the washer and the actuator with with qtips.