Irresistable urge to list Fighting Games as hobby on job application


I’m applying for medical residencies in a few days and under the universal application is a section for hobbies. While I have a list of other hobbies I also have this irresistible urge to put down Fighting Games. I know I don’t really have to and really shouldn’t given the negative association professionals may have with videogames but it’s such a core part of who I am that I don’t know if I have it in me NOT to. Any suggestions on how I can word it?


Professional video game competitor.



I’ve put “street fighter” on resumes before, and had them ask me how long I was involved in MMA for.


Medical residence? Dude you have to lie i got my residence at the hospital i work at currently based on my hobbies being

“volunteering at food shelters, volunteering at convalescence homes, going on medical missions to the phillipines, and singing in my church choir”

They don’t care if it is real or fake, but those hobbies were so wishy-washy they had to bring me in.


Only put things on a resume that make you look good to the people who make the decision. Video games don’t improve their perception of you.

Leave it out dude. They aren’t there to judge you as a person and evaluate your worth as a human. They are there to shuffle papers.


easily the worst post you have ever made


You be better off putting WoW on a resume. If you put together any raid groups put that on there as merit for leadership.


“HEY JIM! This guy presses buttons better than other people sometimes!”

“Get that man on payroll straightaway!”

A conversation that never happens.


I’ve told people I participate in professional video games and it has gotten nothing but positive praise. It shows outside interest and commitment.


Omg…you do that shit, and you’ll shoot yourself in the foot. Don’t be the nerd from Robot Chicken.


I’ve gotten jobs after saying it so I dunno.


Do it!


You could simply list gaming which seems more “presentable” than fighting games, but some people have their own views on gaming and considering an employer’s POV it could be detrimental to you getting the job if they think you’re some loser who decided to go into the medical field because he felt he was the shit at Trauma Center. In terms of response, it all seems random.


During the job interview ask for a FT10 MM for the job. You have to show them first hand your passion for the hobby, which will impress them and help you get the job. Don’t forget to smack talk during the MM as well.


Make sure you tell them you are a hipster and you take it in the ass. Management material right there.


Go ahead. Then post results, stat.


I don’t see this going well if you do. There is still a stigma attached to being a “gamer” and I don’t see how this will improve your odds…


I wouldn’t recommend it. If you are that upfront about it, it may give the impression that you are going to goof off while on the job.


Despite your enthusiasm, you’re basically advertising that you like to waste your time on kids games.

Although if this guy got your resume, you’re guaranteed a spot.


Irresistible urge not to get into position being applied for.