Is 1080i adequate?

My folks are buying a new TV soon. I’m not a TV guy at all and was currious if 1080i is ok, or if 1080p is pretty much just what should be done. They are def not super tech junkies but they enjoy their movies and sports. They’re actually looking at a samsung 40 incher on clearance - model LN-T4042H.

Also, any suggestions on high qaulity cables? TIA peeps, much apprecaited.

Good question. 1080i was the former highest level of resolution available for a TV set, prior to 1080p. Both display the images at 1080 (1920x1080). The difference is that 1080i first displays the lines of a picture sequentially. So the odd-numbered lines of resolution appear on your screen first, followed by the even-numbered lines. This is done within 1/30 of a second. So you got a picture as such:

and then:
And so on.

Now, 1080P displayed the lines in one pass, instead of sequentially. Now, the main difference that your eyes can detect, if you can is that the pixels appear to be smoother/sharper, other than that there isn’t a real difference between the two. When it comes to movies (as in HD DVD and Blu-ray) there will be no visible difference between the 1080i signal and the 1080p signal, as long as your TV correctly de-interlaces 1080i. So even if you could input 1080p, you wouldn’t see a difference (because there is none) and there is no additional or new information in a 1080p signal from movie based content.

Hope this helps you.

However if you are getting a TV now, then yes… you should be getting a 1080P TV.

All 1080i TVs can do 720P, and that’s the native resolution for most high def TV anyway. I’d say have no worries on 1080i. 1080i has looks fine by me the few times I’ve seen it, but if by chance you can’t stand the interlaced signal from 1080i you can just to 720P anyhow.


for 1080i, typically speaking if your display is larger than 45" (something around there), it becomes more noticable and less desirable. On a smaller display (27" and such) it becomes difficult to tell the difference. But you’re almost at the point between 1080i and 1080p. So try looking at several displays at about that display size and see which one you find more appealing.

FWIW, it’ll be around $650, but it’s a display model. I personally feel they should hold out for the 1080p and get a boxed product, but that’s me. they’re kinda just looking for a “just for now” replacement. :shrugs:

Thanks for all the info peeps.

well supposively in 2015 we’ll have 2160p instead lol

Unless your folks are videophiles, they won’t care, and if they were, they wouldn’t need this discussion.

Personally i don’t really care about having a box, it’s not like a mouse or keyboard that people put their hands all over and ruin while it’s on display. Check for dead pixels and test it out, and see what deals you can get thrown in, sometimes they will discount the set so you can buy the warranty.

This is an issue for me playing close up on a 32" tv. If the images move fast it’s like someone turned the antialiasing off. I much prefer to play at 720p than 1080i. If I were buying a new tv, I’d definitely go for a 1080p. It probably depends on how close you sit though.

from personal experience:

1080p > 720p > 1080i

720p may be lower resolution, but progressive makes a huge difference. honestly, when looking at a 37in or lower, 1080 anything isnt too big of a deal. I’m a videophile and i cannot tell the different between a 1080p and 720p native on smaller tv’s. when you get to larger tv’s, the blemishes start to show more on lower resolutions(720P), and thats where 1080p comes into play, much better than before. This is also where 1080i also gets worse as well.

1080i still looks good. but you arent paying more or less for it, you are best off getting 720p or 1080p. 1080p only being a true deciding factor if you go 42in or above.

i say avoid 1080i if possible

I thoroughly enjoy my 1080i (720p) set, but not even close to as much as my 1080p set.
If they have the means, make them get the 1080p. If not, you’ll still be greatly happy with the 1080i/720p.

I prefer 1080i over 720p if there is not a lot of high speed/action on screen. There is definitely a noticeable difference.

Cables: buy any cheap cables, don’t get ripped off by Monster and the like.

They’ve been running a scam for too long now.

I’m still on that 720 tip. Going to get one and save my money for an OLED display when they get big/obtainable and laugh at you guys still stuck with LCD/Plasmas like some enthusiasts laugh at those with 720 sets. :tup:

Yeah I’m stuck on 256 megs of ram too. In my cell phone.

  • A lot of new 1080i sets can accept a 720p signal, but there are a lot of older 1080i sets that will not accept a 720p signal, which is a real problem for a lot of PS3 owners. Most games are 720p native and the PS3 cannot scale the output. The best they’ll get is 480p.