Is 12 a poke character

To me in 3rd Strike he seems sorta of tha Dhalsim in the game I dunno maybe I’m wrong but is he a poking character if so what is his best poking strings most of the time I use air dash, mk because HP and HK never worked for me like for Chikyuu and I abuse alotta Dive attacks and poke away wit his projectile attack like a keep-away character but I need more here I feel like a suck ass scrub wit him

Ok. This is a bit tough (I should really be making videos excuse #26), but I’ll try to lay it out as best I can.

The trick to playing as Twel(e)ve is to keep the opponent from having any idea what you’re about to do. If you become predictable AT ALL you will get stomped out. So how do you keep them guessing?

A) Variable air-dashing. Using the Instant Air Dash (Up-forward, forward) is a completely different thing than using normal and superjump air-dashes. When you IAD, fierce will make the sound but not come out, and roundhouse causes you to just drop to the ground. This is great for baiting anti-air moves, just IAD roundhouse and BLOCK. Then you can get an idea of what the opponent will do if you dash at them without having to eat an uppercut.

When you IAD with mp you poke them directly in the face. If you’re going for a hit, that’s the one to use. If you’re going air-to-air, mk hits much higher, so it’s a safer bet. Lp and lk (especially lk) cause a more deceptive “floaty” effect, which will make opponents who aren’t used to it whiff throws and low attacks often. I wouldn’t do it more than once or twice a match, though.

Normal height air-dashes are a whole other ballgame. Use Fierce to tag them from maximum distance, a lot of people will be confused by how far away you can hit them from. If they’re turtling up, dash in with mk (which will whiff) and immediately throw them. By alternating between these attacks, Twel(e)ve gets REALLY scary and confusing.

B) NEVER use regular dive as an attack. Occasionally you might need it to dodge an anti-air, or just as part of some back-dash confusion, but it’s really the least safe move you’ve got. Never ever. EX dive is good because you can punish mistakes on the enemy from across the screen, and if you use it as anti-air you safely move to the other side if the opponent parries it. Also, again anti-turtle, EX dive (whiff) at the spot RIGHT in front of them, then throw. If you don’t do it often, many people will flinch and keep blocking.

C) Mix up your anti-air. If they parry a lot, especially. No one empty-jumps for free. EX ground tentacle thingie (that’s a technical name, write that down) will both allow you to duck under nearly any jump-in attack AND will pop them up to get juggled with a standing strong or roundhouse. If you’ve got an SA1 handy, use that. If they parry a lot, use standing jab (parried) then cancel it into EX ground-tentacle-thingie. You’ll duck their counterattack and at best they’ll be pushed completely out of range to do anything once they hit the ground. Win-win.

D) Make wakeup scary. Twel(e)ve has a lot of options for when you’ve knocked down the opponent, and since throwing is your main source of damage (ugg) you’ll have solid amount of opportunities. The old “Stand there, walk up and throw again” routine is always a favourite. Just be sure to either stand just outside of their throw range, or walk back a half-step when they get up so that their throw/tech whiffs. Then you can just step right back through their animation and throw. If they are prone to down-parrying, use close mk jump-cancelled into super(if they block, just skip the super and get ready to parry or airdash somewhere else. If they’re likely to go high, or try to hit you, do THE TWEL(E)VE COMBO! Low short xx jab whippy hands xx SA1. Get good at this combo, it’s the only one you have. You’ve plenty of time to see if you’ve hit them or not before you input the super, so if they block just stop at the whippy-hands.

Well. That’s a hell of a lot of crap about nothing, but I hope it helps. If I get poked with a stick enough, I’ll try to vid some of it this week so it makes more sense. Good luck yo.


/poke Thongboy Bebop

Twelve has very little room for stuffups, much like Akuma, alls it takes is 2 mistakes that result in a clean combo oppurtunity.

Also, faking is a big part of Twelves game as well, a constant rush-in then backoff game doesnt work, you have to backoff and charge meter, fake dashes, fake pokes.

what are the ‘fakes’ with tweleve

he’s the only fella that do fakes and set-ups


where did you pick up most of this stuf?? videos or just playing?

besides chikkyu are there any other good twelve players i should look for?

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Yes, the second-best one is probably Pistachio. Not many videos of him, you can see him beating Yukino’s Chun in 1st Coop Cup; he was on Fujiwara/Georgia’s team in that tournament, which got 9th. Once the 3rd Coop Cup DVD gets released you’ll get to see a bit more of him, as he was on RX’s team which got 3rd in that tourney.

The other noteworthy Tweleve out there is Moto, there’s a LOT of him in the Koriyama tournament videos.


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Video’s done, I just need to add subtitles (ugg, I’d rather just write up a companion pamphlet or something) and find someone to host it.

I really just approach every match as a completely different thing. If you hold onto a game plan with Twelve, the opponent can guess right one time and destroy your lifebar. You have to open a box and make up a snack pretty much every time.

I finally broke down and asked around for some Twelve footage like a month ago, and I got ONE clip of Chikyuu playing against Izu at N-Cubed. That’s pretty much the only time I’ve ever seen anyone play with him besides myself (and one time like 3 years ago when George Posadas did it, but he’s an alien so he doesn’t count).


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I have a vid with Moto play Pistachio I believe, Twelve mirror match city.