Is 30-70 ms suitable for playing fighting games?


Right now i can only get sat internet so off line matches only for me. In the next few months i am suppose to have 2 more choices to choose from. One being canopy broadband which has a latency from 20-30 ms the other being Verizon’s homefusion which has a latency of around 70ms The HF plan offers much higher speeds though so it would be better assuming the latency wouldn’t kill gaming.


hell yeah


I don’t think you understand what latency means.

Its the measurement of distance/time that takes for info to travel from one IP address to another.
The ms number will depend on you and your opponent’s distance and connection quality.

To answer your question, yes <70ms is generally good for online gaming but the actual experience will greately depend on the netcode of the game.(commercial fighting games generally play poor or ‘laggy’ even on good connections)
The best thing you can do is make sure you’re connected via wired cable and find people close to you with low ping/latency.


ty now i just gotta hope they don’t pull a verizon and back out at the last second.


how much is that verizon service? i was kinda researching that one too and came to the conclusion that it cost my first born son. never had any real solid info on it


now vz says they want actually have 4g on any of the towers close to me until 2013 :frowning: As far as cost it’s on the high side for the amount of data you can get. 10 gigs a month is 60 dollars a month and for 139 a month you can get 30 gigs a month. So if one lives in a place that can get fios or cable they would be foolish to switch.


jebus… guess im sticking with comcast. at least til google can get that 1gig fiber op stuff down