Is 3rd strike worth it?


I’ve been hearing so many good things about it. One main thing that keeps me from playing is the roster. Now, it is that worth it? Either that or garou:MOTW


If you’re buying it on xbox live or psn i would say Third Strike, because it has a great multiplayer, decent variety in game modes, a replay system (last time i checked). Plus third strike still has an active community on xbl/psn so you’ll find way more players on that. (i almost never find matches in MOTW). Both games are great but 3S really holds the first pick spot here.


sure the characters are kinda “odd” but there’s diverse play styles in them, if you look at them that way it’s not hard to get used to the way they look.

I’d say it’s worth trying if you’re bored with the current gen games right now.


Yes. Yes it is.


Is 3rd Strike worth it? More than you know, my friend more then you know. Sure Garou MOTW is a great game, but i’m just gonna say it (no i’m not a Capcom fan boy) but Garou doesn’t even hold a candle to 3S, especially the godlike ( I don’t care what haters say about it not being arcade perfect) recently patched 3rd Strike Online Edition. Just like Dark Stalkers Resurrection it’s an amazingly polished package. XBL community was doing well the last time i played it, and with summer about to begin, you should definitely find plenty of matches. The netcode was also recently improved in that patch i spoke about earlier. Garou is more of a GGPO game to be honest, but that and everything else that iv’e stated is subjective of course.


I’ve been tempted to pick it up on payday, as its only £10 on PSN… and is the only street fighter game i’ve not played.


They’re both worth it. I would recommend 3S first mainly because just by being an SF game, your playerbase is automatically larger. In time, definitely snatch up Garou (even if only for training mode), but for the sake of getting the most competition out of your almost-dead game purchase, 3S would be the better option at first.

Also, Garou is better on GGPO. Apparently, the netcode isn’t very good on XBLA.


3strike is an amazing game. Try watching some gameplay vids if you’re not sure.


Garou is so dead even by GGPO room standards, you only see like 10 people max there a day. You can mess around with it but I don’t really see the fun in playing a fighting game where you can’t constantly test your progress against different people.

3rd Strike would be the better choice


If you’re playing on xbl 3s is the way to go, I’ve never had any problem finding people online. 3s got me into street fighter and its a great game despite what some people might say.

If you’re use to sf4… prepare yourself.
Use Ken when you’re starting out.


yeah it’s good. don’t start with Akuma.


That is most definitely not true. I’d say on average theres about 10 people on per day, at peak times of the day there’s around 30.

Anyhow, 3S has a much more active community regardless


What do you mean by the roster? The cast is way more interesting looking than other SF games.

Honestly if youre gonna learn 3rd Strike you HAVE to love the parry, and it has to be your main game. Its tough if youre not in a hot bed area for it to really learn the game, but if you love it give it a shot.

Theres a ton of stuff I love about the game, but overall the game is too psychological for me right now, and I dont like the parry really. I prefer KOF over 3rd Strike in all ways besides music. The game is SF 2 on acid and is way more about knowing situations over matchups, which is why its not a counter pick game like ST is really.

Check out The Shend on youtube, EVERYTHING is on there.


Third Strike is one of the best, most critically acclaimed fighting games of all time and a significant reason for the shape of the FGC you see today. If anything, it’s worth checking out just for the sake of heritage.
like others have said, its a thoroughbred fighter, so takes a lot of practice to get over the initial barrier, but it’s a very clean, gimmickless game, which I feel genuinely improves your skills in other 2D fighters.
After CvS, it’s my favorite.


3rd Strike is amazing and it’s a very deep game. The roster is varied, animation is smooth, fast, the parry system is ingenious, and like what @manbehindthewires said: it’s gimmickless, which means there’s no shortcuts and you REALLY have to know your characters.


Yes, very yes. I started fighters seriously with 3S and it put me into ‘all new games suck’ phase of my life 10 years early.


Also, if the roster is putting you off, I’m guessing it’s a familiarity thing. To this day, people criticize Capcom for steering away from the ‘original 8’ in 3S, but there are some great characters in there that’ll take you by surprise. You still have Ryu, Ken, Chun and Akuma. if you’ve played SSFIV and beyond, then Ibuki, Makoto, Dudley, Yun and Yang should be familiar, if you have Ultra or SFxT then Elena and Hugo shouldn’t be too lost on you either.

who does that leave? Q, Alex, Remy, Twelve, Sean, Necro, Urien, Oro and Gill (Who doesn’t really count, since many lobbies still ban him)

So, out of 20 characters you should at least have a basic awareness of 11 of them already. Alex makes a great replacement for an aggressive Zangief, Oro is super intimidating, Necro and Twelve answer your 'Sim teleport and anti ground needs, with Twelve also holding down some Blanks shenanigans, Sean is basically a good Dan (sorry), Q can be played similar to Boxer/Honda and Remy looks and plays like a KOF character that got lost on the way to the auditions, so if you’re a SNK guy you’ve got him to ease you in too.

There’s plenty there for you, experiment with everyone, the trials are limited but great and even though most guys online are really good, you’ll leave a match feeling better prepared for the next one, rather than just thinking ‘wtf happened, i should just quit now’ like so many new SFIV players seem to.

have you tried it yet? I feel like you should have by now haha


Why choose? get both. You never know when you will run across someone who wants to play either game.


Get both, I’m a Garou fanboy but I admit that I feel 3S is a more technical game. The two games have a ton in common such as a parry system/Just Defend and really good top tiers.


time has been kind to SRK’s opinion of 3s :slight_smile: