is 3s dying?

the game seems almost dead at this point, to me at least.

Getting boring or just losing the popularity it doesn’t have? Which one?

Last FFA Ranbat (a freaking bi-weekly tourney) drew in about 57 people. Nope, game’s not dead here…

You speak as if 57 people is an impressive number.

in general most 3d games are dying :sad:

The game is 6 years old. Years ago I read that capcom was going to come out with one more upgrade before streetfighter 4. When 3rd strike no longer gets play what will be left that will even be close in depth. I still play it heavily but their is nothing left in the game to discover. Everyone uses the same SA’ and mostly play with the same characters.

…For a non major tourney, and a 2d game, it is.

I think there aren’t many things to discover, that’s why there’s not much discussion, but still is played everywhere. Everybody with their chars, knowing what to do in each match-up… I don’t think it’s dead, but yes becoming boring

They’re talking about a local tournament. Not like Evo or nothing. It’s hard to gather 57 people from your local area for most any other fighting game these days. 3rd Strike is just that popular now. At Evo…it was the biggest game there last year and it will be again this year.

WTF? If 3S is dead than MVC2 is like archived at the museum. 3S is probably at it’s peak now as far as tournament tournouts and at Evo it was the biggest game there. 3S has a bigger turnout at tournaments than some other games combined.

Co-sign on this one. 3S is by no means dead, maybe in some cases there’s a problem finding an arcades that 1. Has it and 2. Has relevant competition. I know about 4 arcades that have it, but a couple of them are a little far for me to travel to. 3S is still a huge game, not just at a 2D level, but in general. There are tons of newbs posting all the time: What’s a DP? How do I use Gill? Who’s the guy in the thong? Help please…I want to be just like Daigo etc. It’s apparent that there is still a general interest to pick up the game by some people. BTW, I don’t think 57 3S players at a tourney is all that bad…

Really by most estimations 2d fighting games are beyond dead.

But in this hardcore niche of the competitive fighting game scene, 3rd Strike is the most popular, and second oldest, of the tournament worthy 2d fighters. Behind it (in popularity), Marvel, then GG, then CVS, then Super Turbo. Or something like that.

Also, 3s had the most entries for Evo 2k5, beating out even Tekken 5.

So it’s still the strongest going of what’s left.

yeah, this game came out BEFORE pretty much everything else that’s being competitively played (aside from Super Turbo), and it still gets more tourney play + general interest than all the others.

3S is far from dead (or dying).

i breathe 3S.

Haha I’m with you, man. When Alpha Anthology comes out I’m afraid I will be spending more time with A3.

I don’t know about you guys but 3S is by far the most enjoyable game for me in the Street Fighter series. I’ve been playing this since 2000 and as long as there’s relevant competition around, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of this game. :tup:

Depends on how you define dead. There doesn’t seem to be that much left in the game that people don’t already know about. All the tournament strategies are already well-known. Not much variation in combos, character/super selection, overall strategy… I’m willing to bet that a generic Yun/Chun/Ken team will win SBO4 using pretty much the same stuff the teams last year used. Plus Hayao isn’t playing this year.

But on the other hand, considering that in the larger sense 2D fighters are dead in North America, it’s still doing well compared to the others. Let’s be happy for that I guess. But really… as consumers it’s hard to think about how little Capcom cares about us.

Jay just plays Tekken now cause he knows his Dudley is garbage!! hah. what now? get your stick fixed you baby and come play.

i havent played 3s in forever…well my stick isnt too broken to play on so if u wanna play tonight we can.

Uggh, head… hurts…!

I don’t think one guy not playing 3S in a while and having a half broken stick is enough for a game to start dying… I expected a better thread from people with 2003 join dates :lol: